Are 'WAGS' Stars Natalie & Shaun Still Together? The Couple Isn't Broadcasting Their Business

Even after WAGS' dramatic Season 1 finale, most of the relationships on the show were still on solid ground. But while all of the marriages remained in good shape, when it came to the non-married WAGS, things were a little more unsteady. So, going into WAGS Season 2, are Natalie and Shaun still together? This couple were discussing moving in together in the first few episodes, but by the end of the first season, Natalie and Shuan were accused of having a "fake relationship" by their WAGS costar Autumn. At the time, the couple denied the accusations. However, it seems like now, over a year since the first season premiered, the two are no longer together. In fact, during the premiere episode Natalie revealed that she and Shaun are on a "break."

Whether that break is a permanent one or not, since one of the couple's biggest issues was moving too fast, I'd say that it's very likely that, unfortunately, we're going to see these two split for good over the course of the second season, or at least learn more about what happened between the two.

After claiming she was hacked several times, Natalie deleted her old Instagram posts and started over with a more curated feed, with almost no candid pics. That means all of her Shaun pics were deleted... often an easy way to get rid of dusty old memories of an ex (just look at Calvin Harris' IG feed). However, in the "maybe Shaun & Natalie are still together" column, she did have a photo from a few months ago with both WAGS husband Larry English (he's married to Nicole Williams) and Shaun.

Shaun also has pulled a total Calvin Harris, since you can no longer see any pics with Natalie on his social media accounts. But, even if they're no longer together, or, at least, no longer talking about their relationship, Natalie still warranted an invitation to Shaun's surprise birthday party in May along with several other members of the WAGS cast.

While Natalie and Shaun's relationship was a big question in Season 1 of WAGS, in Season 2, the couple seems to be on the outs for now. Only the season will really get into the details — since if there's one thing both Natalie and Shaun have tried to do since the WAGS finale, it's to no longer have their business all over the Internet.