Irish Football Fans Sing A Baby To Sleep On The Train & Melt Your Organs With Cute — VIDEO

If you haven't had your fill of adorable cuteness today, get ready to feel things. A video of Irish football fans singing a baby to sleep on the train has surfaced and stolen the hearts of millions. The footage depicts a family sitting down on a train, presumably heading somewhere relaxing while a group of football fans stand by their side. The rest is internet history.

To clarify — the football fans in the video are fans of soccer, and not the American football. They are decked out in their favorite colors and are obviously either on their way to a game or coming back from one. Using my Sherlock Holmes investigative skills I can presume the previous facts from the group's demeanor. They could have been pre-gaming or post-gaming. Their outfits suggest a very passionate fanaticism. And as with any rowdy fans who have been drinking alcohol, you never know what to expect. I'll be honest, at first I thought the group would start chanting or doing something distracting. This would cause the baby to wake up and cry, ruining this family's train ride. To my surprise, they did the opposite.

Using their powers for good, this band of hot dudes decided to sing the baby to sleep with some lullabies. Busting out the old classic Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, these men turned into magical helpers over a course of three minutes. To the delight of the entire train, the song put a smile on the faces of the child's parents and reminds us not to judge a book by its cover. Even if the book usually tends to get very passionate about their favorite sports teams.

If you hear a loud banging noise, don't be afraid. That's just my ovaries exploding from about 6,000 miles away from your computer screens. I LOVED this video. I can't quite explain why, but my eyes and heart are crying at the same time. I can attribute some of it to the camera work on the video itself.

The slow pan from the faces of the parents to the joyous and goofy faces of the football fans is the stuff of internet legends. And just incase you are looking for more adorable babies being sung to sleep, I got your back friends! Below is one of my favorite videos ever: a father singing his crying baby to sleep.

No, you're the one who is crying! I'm fine. I'm totally in control and FINE.

In any case, go out there and tell every sports fan you see about the wonder that is Irish football fans singing a baby to sleep on the train — maybe it'll inspire them to do the same and make even more cuteness for us to enjoy.

Images: YouTube