12 Reasons Yolanda Should Stay On 'RHOBH'

It's always a little bit unclear who is going to stay with a Real Housewives show from one season to the next, but I have to say that I am still very surprised by the news that Yolanda Hadid will not be returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . The entire last season centered around the ladies talking about Yolanda's Lyme disease diagnosis, so if anyone was guaranteed to come back, I really thought it would be Yolanda. As happy as I am to (hopefully) never hear the word "Munchausen's" ever again, there are plenty of reasons why I wish Yolanda was returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

It's still hard for me to process the news. Whether you are a member of #TeamYolanda or not, you have to admit that after four seasons her existence has become a pretty integral part of the show. Even when she wasn't around, the ladies in the cast were talking about her, so it only seems natural for her to continue being a cast member. It's unclear if Yolanda quit or if she was asked to leave, and I have a feeling that fans may never know, but I still wish Yolanda would be around for RHOBH Season 7 — for multiple reasons.

1. She Provided The Major Story Line Last Season

Yolanda's illness was the main story line last season. I don't want to watch that all play out again, but it just seems logical that people would want to know what's happening next in her life.

2. She Is Newly Single

Yolanda was so proud of being David Foster's wife when she first started the show, and she was very devoted to that marriage. She hid their marital troubles for most of last season, so I'm sure that her fans would want to know what her life is like now. Plus, being on the show would give her something of her own to focus on and provide consistency while other aspects of her life change.

3. She Is Erika's BFF

I love how close Erika Girardi and Yolanda are with their opposites attract friendship. Who is Erika going to hang out with now? Eileen Davidson loved Erika (who doesn't), but is she going to be her bestie?

4. She Has Famous Kids

I would love to get an inside look at what it's like to be the mother of supermodels. It would be great to see little bits with Yolanda and her famous children on the show.

5. She Is Feeling Better These Days

The past couple seasons, Yolanda has had to sit out of some activities because she wasn't feeling her best. Nowadays, it seems like Yolanda is feeling better than ever.

6. She Has Unresolved Issues With Lisa Vanderpump

What is up with Yolanda's relationship with Lisa Vanderpump? There has always been a weird tension there that was never totally explained. I still want to see them talk this out without other Housewives in the middle, so I can know what's really happening.

7. She Threw Iconic Shade

Yolanda usually tries her best to be classy and kind, which is whyIi will never get over her throwing shade at Adrienne Maloof. It was so unlike her and it was just too funny.

8. She Befriends The Underdogs

Yolanda always makes an effort to be friends with the women who are on the outside of the group like Kim Richards, Brandi Glanville, and Erika Girardi. Without Yolanda, some of these gems would probably not have gotten as much screen time.

9. She Had The Most Amazing Fridge

I will never get over the loss of Yolanda's fridge. I mean, come on, it even had it's own subtitle on the show and a Twitter account. It has to be the best fridge of all time.

10. She Knows How To Put A Foe In Her Place

Yolanda is not the argumentative type, but I still wouldn't come for her. She knows how to throw down when necessary.

11. She Is Always Learning New Words

I love when Yolanda learns new words. She is such an intelligent woman, so it is always endearing to see her adding to her English vocabulary and attempt to pronounce new words.


The lemon industry got a major publicity push thanks to Yolanda. She was always picking lemons, decorating with lemons, eating lemons, making drinks with lemons, and incorporating lemons into anything she possibly could. (And obviously she likes lemons a lot more than limes.)

It's going to be sad watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without Yolanda. I am hoping that there will be a change of heart or that she will end up making some cameo appearances.

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