James Taylor Says Chad On 'The Bachelorette' Is "The Real Chad," No Editing Required

So far during this season, Chad has been The Bachelorette contestant everyone is talking about. He's bringing the drama both on and off screen, and seems to enjoy holding the title of one of the most villainous villains the show has ever seen, but how much of that is true to life? Well, according to James Taylor, "America is seeing the real Chad," no extra editing required. In an interview with Bustle, James opens up about the divisive contestant, who is breaking all the typical villain rules.

Usually even when someone is a little hot-headed on the show, they walk out of there with a few friends once the dust settles. But, "that is not true with Chad," James says. "I truly am still just stunned by the lack of response that he had to any kind of kindness or effort to, you know, include him in just the whole process." He continues, "In the process, in the friendships we made, all of those things. It just never was going to happen in a million years, despite any effort that we made."

So, it seems the Chad we get in the talking head interviews with producers is the Chad the house got too, at least according to James Taylor. He says that while Chad's talk of chopping off people's body parts was very "Game of Thrones," he's "not surprised" that Chad said those things in his confessionals.

"If you got to see everything — every second that was filmed — and the whole world watched it, it would be just the same thing," James says. "He’d be walking by early in the morning, and I would say, 'Sup Chad?' And in that dark, non-caring voice [he'd say] just, 'Hey.' And then you’d try to ask him something about, like, his job and he'd go, 'Why are we talking? Why are you interviewing me?'" James claims, adding that he'd try to explain to Chad why he was trying to be friendly. "'OK, man. Well, we live together and the rest of us in this house all love each other, so we want you to be part of this.' And he just wasn’t about it."

Bustle reached out to Chad for comment on James Taylor's claims, but has not yet heard back. Still, regardless of Chad's alleged actions in the house, James says he and the other guys had a great time together.

"Around the house there were obviously a lot of things going on with Chad, or just bad, weird circumstances that kind of get to your head," he admits. "I tried to be one of those people that was like, 'Hey, let's just play a dumb game or let’s play a song together.' We made like 20 songs ... We’d all just gather around and sit around the couch laughing and making up just kind of stupid songs, but having a blast doing it."

James goes as far as to say that the show "was truly the best experience of my life." And, not even Chad can take those fond memories away.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; giphy