Is Paulie Calafiore Single? This 'Big Brother 18' Houseguest Could Be Ready For A Showmance

Big Brother is gearing up for another year of competitions, drama, and showmances on June 22. The contestants of Big Brother 18, like Paulie Calafiore, a professional DJ and model, are going to have to put their outside lives on hold for the summer while they make a new home in the Big Brother house. However, there are some things outside the house that have a huge effect on someone's life inside of it — especially a relationship. He seems to be the perfect candidate for a showmance, but is Paulie single?

With at least 12 houseguests secluding themselves into the Big Brother house for the entire summer, the chances of a showmance or two occurring are certainly high. Showmances have contributed to both the downfall of some contestants (Shelli and Clay from BB17), and helped a strong alliance get to the end of the season (Austin and Liz from BB17). If Paulie is half as charming as his brother Cody was on BB16, he shouldn't have much difficulty ending up in a showmance if he wants to. However, a showmance could be entirely off the table if Paulie is already in a relationship. So what is there to know about his relationship status?

Paulie's social media shows a few pictures of him and his "real life princess" on vacation at a Disney theme park, as well as other photos of the same woman. However, those pictures were uploaded in November of 2015 and there seems to be no sign of these two together in any social media posts since then. There could be many reasons for this, but none of them provide a concrete answer to the question of whether Paulie will be single when he enters the Big Brother house. It's entirely possible that the relationship he was in when he went to Disney no longer exists, or perhaps he wishes to keep his social media away from certain aspects of his personal life and instead opts to keep his posts focused on himself.

While Paulie's relationship status isn't a definitive marker of what will happen inside the Big Brother house — remember how Austin may have had a girlfriend at the start of BB17? — it serves as a good indicator of what to expect. Based on his lack of recent relationship photos, it's entirely possible that Paulie will be entering the house a single man. However, he may not be going for a showmance if he follows his brother's advice. Cody recently told The Hollywood Reporter, "I am so against showmances. It's a sure way to get you booted right out of the house. You may go further, but showmances usually never end well for either one or even both of the people in them."

The case of whether or not Paulie is single is currently unsolved but will surely come up when in the Big Brother house. His charisma and looks would make him a fantastic part of any showmance, and it shouldn't be long before he has to either turn someone down because of a relationship back home or dive headfirst into the wacky world of a reality television romance.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS