A ‘Fuller House’ Thanksgiving Episode Is Happening, So Here Are 7 Moments From The First Thanksgiving They Should Pay Homage To

One of the things that I love the most about Fuller House is the way the series has no shame about throwing back to some of Full House’s best television moments. Whether its familiar catchphrases or memorable scenes, Fuller House shows no shame when it comes to giving fans those memorable moments we all really want to see. So when I heard that Fuller House was going to include a Thanksgiving episode in its Season 2 lineup, I started getting all sorts of nostalgic for the other time we watched the Tanners celebrate Thanksgiving. And it turns out there are a lot of moments from the original Full House Thanksgiving episode that would so satisfying for Fuller House to reference.

Especially since the only other time we saw the Tanners around the Thanksgiving table happened during this emotional episode. It was Season 1, and the family was facing their first holiday season without Danny’s deceased wife, Pam. With the loss of his wife present, Danny is determined to make this holiday super memorable for his girls. It is a touching episode, and one that the Netflix remake could easily draw from. Especially since DJ’s current widowhood makes the premise of Fuller House just similar enough to the premise of Full House to make it happen.

With so many similarities, it would be so easy for Fuller House to include some killer throwback moments. And, if they do, I’m crossing my fingers that they include these.

1. Some Pretty High Emotional Stakes

The first holiday season without their mother made this Thanksgiving an important one for the Tanners. Given that DJ has just recently lost her husband, this Thanksgiving could carry a similar emotional tune for the Fuller boys. I’m hoping for lots of heart-to-hearts and tons of valiant attempts to make it right for the kids.

2. A Lot Of Menu Mishaps

The burned turkey, the crushed pie. These are the things a Tanner Thanksgiving is made of.

3. Tanner-Style Chaos

It wouldn’t be a holiday dinner at the Tanner house without a ton of family chaos. With even more kids in the mix on Fuller House, the potential for hijinks has grown exponentially.

4. Kimmy Showing Up And Ruining Everything

Since she now lives in the house with DJ and Stephanie, I’d be pretty surprised if she weren’t integral to the Thanksgiving Day mayhem.

5. The Dance Party

This was, by far, the best moment from the original Full House Thanksgiving episode, and I’ll be disappointed if dancing happening around the kitchen doesn’t again.

6. The Tough Talk About Loss

With DJ’s sons struggling with their father’s absence, it seems likely that a tough heart-to-heart about their dad is in store for this episode. Kind of like the girls got back in the original one.

7. A Really Obvious Talk About Gratitude

What would an episode of Full House and Fuller House be without some kind of really overt moral moment where the purpose of the holiday is made even more obvious than it already is. Look for this episode’s to include a nice little lesson about gratitude, too. It is Thanksgiving after all.

So I’m crossing my fingers that these moments are someone incorporated into the new Thanksgiving episode. It will be a real treat for new and old fans alike.

Image: Netflix; Giphy (4); ABC (3)