Lisa Vanderpump & Leona Lewis Have Joined Forces

by Kristie Rohwedder

In her quest to stop the annual mass slaughtering of dogs in Yulin, China, a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has enlisted the help of a powerhouse vocalist and a powerhouse songwriter. As The Daily Dish points out, Lisa Vanderpump, Leona Lewis, and Diane Warren joined forces and released an anti-Yulin Dog Meat Festival song. Over the weekend, the Vanderpump Dog Foundation dropped “(We Are All) Looking for Home,” a moving ballad performed by Lewis and penned by Warren. All of the record’s proceeds will go to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, Vanderpump and Ken Todd’s organization that aims to “provide for a more humane world for dogs worldwide.”

As a co-founder of Stop Yulin Forever, Vanderpump has made it her mission to end this yearly tradition. In addition to producing “(We Are All) Looking for Home,” the restauranteur has led anti-Yulin marches, has filmed anti-Yulin PSAs with Sharon Obsourne, and is working with Congressman Alcee L. Hastings to further the anti-Yulin cause.

You can listen to “(We Are All) Looking for Home” and watch the devastating video that goes along with it below. Fair warning: If you have trouble watching those gut-wrenching Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ads (and frankly, if you don’t have trouble watching those ads, I have to assume your heart was literally carved out of stone), you will also have trouble watching this video.

I'm not saying you shouldn't play it. Just, uh, prepare your not-stone heart accordingly.