An Enchanted Rose Inspired By ‘Beauty & The Beast’ Exists In Real Life, And You Can Actually Buy It

Things I remember about Beauty and the Beast: Belle's yellow dress, British teacups, the fact that I was very attracted to the Beast, and the rose. That beautiful, sparkly, glowing, embodiment of true love. And now, Australian flower company My Lasting Bouquet has just created a real-life version of the Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose inspired by the animated classic, just in time for the live-action version debuting in 2017. For owning! For you to own! And it's not plastic! It's a real rose!

Perhaps I should clarify: It's a real rose that, thanks to magic, lasts for up to a year — no maintenance required. Like, not even watering. But perhaps I should clarify again: By magic, I mean a "special solution" that essentially freezes a rose at the height of its bloom, according to My Lasting Bouquet — so, science, basically. But did you guys know that science could do that? Because I definitely did not know it could, or that humans had figured it all out. What a time to be alive, truly.

My Lasting Bouquet specializes in creating super long-lasting arrangements (unsurprising, given the company's name); this particular fancy AF flower is called A Lasting Bellé, and is part of their Beauty and the Beast-inspired Belle Collection. For $199, you'll receive a single rose encapsulated in a glass dome and a swanky, wax-sealed gift card. Even the rose colors are cool: Pick from red, white, rainbow, or three shades of metallic (gold, silver, and rose gold).

Yes, rainbow.


Since the special solution used by My Lasting Bouquet is not, in fact, real magic, there are some stipulations. Your "enchanted" rose will last a year if it avoids direct sunlight, moisture, or excessive heat (and, like, the same can be said of my makeup, so I get it). The other major downside? The price. A smaller version, Le Bellé Mini, is available for $39.99, but that variation is intended for special events and has a minimum order requirement of 10.

But still: Can you really put a price on fairy tale love?

Images: Walt Disney; My Lasting Impression (4)