Mariah Carey Serenades John Legend At Her Show

Over the weekend, new parents and ridiculously charming humans Chrissy Teigen and John Legend did something I hope to one day do: they attended the Mariah Carey #1 to Infinity show in Las Vegas. Now, it’s one thing for a celebrity couple to go to a concert (stars: they enjoy live music just like us!), but it’s an entirely different story when they wind up part of the show. And much to my delight, this particular example belongs in the latter category. While performing 2008 hit “Touch My Body” on Saturday night, Mariah Carey welcomed John Legend to the stage (h/t Billboard). And what happened next was a thing of beauty that wasted zero time in jet-skiing right into my heart.

So, what did Carey and Legend do when they were onstage together? As cute as it would've been, the two singers didn’t launch into their rendition of “When Christmas Comes” (I know it's summertime, but who could be mad at a Mimi and Legend Xmas duet? A goblin, that's who!). Instead, Legend hopped on the tufted bed in the middle of the stage, folded his arms, let a backup dancer fasten a blindfold around his eyes, and became a part of the set. A piece of the stage. A prop. He remained perfectly still as the iconic diva tickled him with a fuchsia feather. He remained perfectly still as the iconic diva belted out the lyrics to "Touch My Body." He remained perfectly still as a backup dancer danced upon him. He remained perfectly still as another backup dancer snapped Polaroids. And he remained perfectly still as the crowd went nuts.

Can you guess who grabbed a spork and gobbled up this magical moment? (Besides me, I mean.) OK, here’s a hint: rhymes with “Schmissy Schmeigen.”

And can you guess who grabbed a second spork to gobble up that magical moment? Rhymes with "schmours schruly."

Mimi's voice is everything, Legend's dance moves are everything, "Touch My Body" is everything, that tufted bed is everything, Teigen's reaction is everything, and Teigen's cape is everything.

These videos will always be a part of me, these videos are part of me indefinitely. Videos, don't you know you can't escape my favorites tab? Oh, videos, 'cause you'll always be my baby.