How To Stream Shark Week 2016 Online So All The Aquatic Action Can Be Yours

Of all the reasons why I'm happy that it's finally really summer, the return of Shark Week is number one on the list. The Discovery Channel is bringing back its warm weather programming staple starting on Sunday, June 26. On its website, the network teases new documentaries that will keep any amateur shark expert (even if you just call yourself that one week out of the year) on the edge of their seat. This year's line-up includes specials with titles like Nuclear Sharks, Sharks Among Us, and Wrath Of A Great White Serial Killer. But, how can you stream Shark Week 2016 online so you don't miss any revelations about these finned predators? I've looked into the options, and I got you.

But, before I get to some streaming ideas, I want to make sure that you know all the ways Discovery has made it possible to engage with Shark Week on social media. The network has made multi-platform access to experts and content a priority, so make sure you're following their profiles on your app of choice right now. Shark Week has even bought into the Snapchat craze. Discovery will be handing over the keys to their Snapchat account to some of their "Prime Finisters" (i.e. real shark scientists) to share some extra info and unbelievable visuals. Other accounts to follow are @SharkWeek on Twitter; @SharkWeek on Instagram, and Shark Week on Facebook.

So sharks are social creatures now, at least for this week. To the streaming options!

Check To See If Your Cable Company Has An App

Time Warner Cable, RCN, and other cable providers have streaming apps available for download so that you can tune into live television on the go. The catch is that the streams are only accessible by paying cable customers. This is a great shortcut if you're stuck somewhere during Shark Week and can't be in front of your TV, but not a fix for those of you without cable service.

Download The Discovery App

Discovery has launched its own streaming app, Discovery Go. Like those comprehensive cable company apps, you have to be be a paying cable subscriber to use this one too. But, once you're recognized as a valid user, you can stream not only Shark Week programs but also shows from the entirety of Discovery's channel stable, including TLC and Animal Planet.

Get Transfixed By Discovery's Live Cams

The official Shark Week website has a live underwater feed that anyone with a solid internet connection can tap into right now. Be advised that the Live Reef Shark Cam goes dark at 10:40 p.m. ET and wakes back up at 7:00 a.m. ET. There are also pre-recorded camera channels to peruse, like the Shark Fin Cam and Shark Cage Cam.

Stream Past Shark Week Programming

If you're missing watching Shark Week 2016 live, you haven't dropped the ball on ever seeing those documentaries. Right now, tons of Shark Week programs from 2011 to 2014 are streaming on Hulu Plus for subscribers. You can also purchase the entire Shark Week 2015 season in HD quality from Amazon for $19.99. Individual episodes are $2.99 a pop.

Unfortunately, it's pretty much impossible to legally stream Shark Week 2016 in real time unless you're already a cable customer. But, the longer the popular theme week continues, the bigger the backlog of programs that will eventually make their way to streaming video sites like Amazon and Hulu.

Images: Discovery Channel; Giphy (4)