'The Vampire Diaries': Secrets Revealed

Finally, after two bleak weeks of nothingness, The Vampire Diaries returned with "No Exit," which picked up right where we left off: with Damon sick with a case of the vampire Rippers. "No Exit" takes its name from Damon's plot; he's magically stuck in a cabin with his vampy BFF Enzo and craving vampire blood (Enzo times it and he needs to feed every eight hours). More than anything though, this week is about discovering truths. Here are the biggest "secrets" revealed in the episode.

Damon can't (or won't) control his ripper cravings.

When Dr. Maxfield enlists some magical help to trap Damon and Enzo in a cabin together, Damon's ripper cravings are put to the test. He's been on a killing spree, draining and beheading vampires to leave in his wake. His pal, Enzo, is along for the ride and has been timing his cravings — he can only go about eight hours before the need to feed strikes. This is bad news for Enzo. He tries to tell Damon he can fight the urge, but… he's wrong. Damon attacks and almost drains his bestie. In one of the least believable moments of the show, Maxfield explains that, through magic he doesn't understand, the witches turned Enzo's blood into acid to test how long it would take Damon to stop feeding on him. Maxfield takes Enzo away and we know that will be bad news when we see him again.

Matt isn't a total pushover.

Matt has been stuck playing lackey to Nadia until the vervain Tyler gave him leaves his system and she can compel away his memories of Katherine taking over Elena's body. He behaves himself and then, when she's about to compel him, he seduces her. He plays the innocent puppy card and she totally falls for it — until she catches him trying to text a warning to Caroline. All he gets out is "Help. K" before Nadia compels him and goes to nurse her emotional wounds.

Stefan still has feelings for Elena.

Katherine is all for Damon disappearing forever, but she jumps on the chance to take a road trip with Stefan to find him. A few cheap ploys later (she sabotages the car and then accidentally-on-purpose destroys her shirt with oil), she gets Stefan into a hotel room and goes into full-on seduction mode. He resists, but not like really. He manages to stop things before they go all the way, but not before they share a tender kiss/make out session.

Tyler isn't going to forgive Caroline.

There isn't really ugh to tell here. He makes nice with her and apologizes for his more extreme acts of anger and douchery, but makes it clear that he's not planning to forgive her… ever. Hopefully this will drive straight into Klaus' perfectly evil arms (again).

Elena is really Katherine.

Of course, thanks to dramatic irony, we've known this for a while, but the characters on the show are finally putting the pieces together. "Help. K" = "Help. Katherine took over Elena's body and her vampire daughter has been compelling my brains into mush for weeks!" (Or something like that.) Elena has been acting weird, Stefan and Caroline concede. She basically told Tyler about Caroline and Klaus. She's getting all hot and heavy with Stefan. She dumped Damon after saying she wanted him back and then, the real kicker, she tried to get Stefan to kill Damon by putting herself in danger of being drained to death by him. Now that Stefan and Caroline have figured out Katherine's secret, things should get really interesting.

Image: The CW