Who Does JoJo Not Want To Give A Rose To On 'The Bachelorette'? At This Point, It Could Be Anyone

If you think you've experienced an emotional rollercoaster on The Bachelorette this season, it looks like it's about to get a whole lot worse, and I'm not just saying that because Chris Harrison has convinced me that every episode will be more dramatic than the last. In the promo that aired after Monday night's episode, it looks like JoJo doesn't want to make a decision about a future rose ceremony — maybe even the one that will take place next week — but it's hard to see who she's actually talking about. Until that scene airs, I'm going to be wondering who does JoJo not want to give that rose to, and this promo gives us exactly zero information.

OK, that's not true — it gives us a little. In the clip. the cameras show Jordan and James, and then JoJo in an evening gown, telling Chris Harrison, "yeah, I don't want to give this rose out." From the looks of things, it seems like she has one rose left in a ceremony and while she has the option to hand it to someone remaining, she knows she doesn't need that last rose because none of the guys left standing are right for her.

Judging by the way the show is going, I doubt she's talking about Jordan or Luke, because things have been going really well with both of them (especially Jordan, TBH). But if this really the situation, I admire her decision. There's no sense in keeping someone around who she doesn't feel like she has a future with just because the number of roses dictates that she does it. Plus, who doesn't love when a Bach lead switches things up every once in awhile?

Never a dull moment on The Bachelorette this season... so far, at least. Bring on the rest of the season! I have a feeling JoJo is about to make a lot of tough decisions, and I can't wait to see her navigate them.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC