Kylie's Latest Lip Kits Are Coming Soon

It seems like Kylie Jenner is totally ramping up productions of her Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits lately, because not a week goes by that she's not announcing a new shade, restock or new product. And Monday was no different than usual, because Jenner announced not one but two new lip kit shades, and they're two super gorgeous blue shades coming out just in time for summer. So when will the Kylie Cosmetics blue lip kit come out? It's sooner than you think.

Beauty Instagram account Trendmood broke the news (found on Jenner's Snapchat), and its super sleuth followers managed to find out the details of Jenner's latest lip kit colors and share them with the account's followers. The two colors are Skylie, a turquoise color, and Freedom, a royal blue that's perfect for celebrating the Fourth of July. And the good news is you'll be able to get the lip kits before the holiday — the lip kits will hit the Kylie Cosmetics website on June 24, according to the Trendmood Instagram. How exciting is that? These bright colors are a big step for Jenner, who only ventured into slightly crazier colors recently. Until now, her lip kit colors were pretty classic shades.

The shade Jenner is wearing in this image is Skylie, the turquoise one. How great is it? The shade is so highly pigmented.

And here's a better look at Freedom, Jenner's patriotic bright blue shade that will be the perfect addition to your Fourth of July outfit. Jenner has worn bright colored lip shades before, but these are the first super colorful ones from Kylie Cosmetics. And I for one think it's a great addition to her forever-growing collection of shades.

I mean, look how amazing they are swatched on her hands! Jenner was sharing all the details on Snapchat on Monday night, and she seems super excited about it all. And the best part? They'll be here so soon. I mean, Friday is literally only four days away. And knowing Jenner, she'll have more amazing shades coming soon.

Image: kylizzlemynizzl/Snapchat