Are The Skylie & Freedom Blue Kylie Lip Kits LE?

Kylie Jenner has the blues! Kylie Cosmetics will drop two blue Kylie Lip Kits on Friday, June 24. There's the sky blue and appropriately named Skylie shade and the navy blue Freedom. Jenner promised she would reveal the new "exclusive" shades sooner than later. The makeup mogul also promised to get the new hues up for sale ASAP so that fans and customers could have them for Fourth of July. The blue Kylie Lip Kits are not "everyday wear" shades, though! You probably can't get away with them if you work in a conservative office with a dress code. That said, they are suitable for holiday celebrations, parties, clubs, and other summery activities. They also illustrate how far the brand has come since launching a trio of neutrals with Candy K, Dolce K, and True Brown K last November!

Update: Kylie Cosmetics responded to Bustle's email regarding the status of the blue Lip Kits, writing, "Yes, Skylie and Freedom are both limited edition! Thank you for your inquiry!"

The Lip Kit color palette has expanded and grown exponentially. But are the blue Kylie Lip Kits permanent additions to the line or are they limited edition?

Well, the answer is murky. Jenner has been referring to Skylie and Freedom as "exclusive." The caption of an Instagram post describes Freedom as "limited edition." As of right now, we can assume they are not permanent. That could change if fans show up in droves and scoop up the shades super fast this Friday and if the reaction is off the chain. So there's that.

The indigo blue Freedom boasts the #limitededition hashtag in the caption. That appears to be the official status of this shade.

Oooh! Don't you want to mix them up and customize a color? I am sure a creative Kylie Cosmetics fan will do just that.

Skylie is deemed "exclusive." Is that the same as limited edition? It's possible. Even so, what a beautiful, baby blue shade, right?

"Exclusive" is the same term Jenner's team used on social media regarding the matte black Dead of Knight Lip Kit and the silver x blue x black KyMajesty Metal Matte.

Both of the Kylie Cosmetics black shades are going away for "a while," per the Instagram posts, suggesting they are limited edition, will come back randomly, and won't be available with every restock. That also increases the fan desire for them, since you always want what you can't have!

So, yeah, Jenner and ko. have been using "exclusive" when referring to their out-of-the-box hues and I wonder if they interchanging it with LE.

It leads me to believe these unique hues will come around every once in a while. Bustle reached out to Kylie Cosmetics for further information on the permanent or limited status of Skylie and Freedom.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (5)