When Does 'Frozen Northern Lights' Air? Fans Won't Have To Wait Long

If you're a fan of Disney's Frozen, then you're never usually short of good news about the mind-numbingly popular film. While there still isn't a release date yet for the long-awaited sequel, Disney are gifting fans with a brand new original story called Frozen Northern Lights. Featuring everyone's favorite characters — Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven — Frozen Northern Lights will take the form of a TV and book series, and will feature all of the amazing voice actors from the original movie. Let this amazing news sink in a little. More Frozen is on its way in 2016, and we should probably celebrate, right? But when does Frozen Northern Lights air? Will fans have to wait much longer for this new content?

Many of Disney's most iconic animated movies were released during fall, and it seems likely that Disney's latest will follow a similar pattern. According to E! News, we'll see Frozen Northern Lights in book form first, as the "first novel will debut in July from Disney Publishing," and this will be followed by a new animated series in four parts, which is a collaboration between LEGO and Disney. So when exactly can we expect the new Frozen series to start? Fall isn't very specific, and it'd be nice to have a date to start counting down to, wouldn't it?

The release dates of other Disney movies might be able to give us a clue as to when Frozen Northern Lights might air. While there is no set season in which all Disney movies are released, many of the most successful and classic films in Disney's catalogue were released during Fall, often in November specifically. For instance, the first Frozen movie was released on November 27, 2013, and it's not alone. The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, and Aladdin all had November releases, and, more recently, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, and Big Hero 6 all came out in November during the respective years of their release. Whether or not the new Frozen series will follow this trend remains to be seen, but it would certainly make sense for the shorts to air close to winter.

Josh Gad, who voices Olaf, has spoken about Frozen Northern Lights, and understands just how much fans need this. In his statement in a video posted to YouTube, Gad said, "All of the voice talent from the original film is back. This is going to be unbelievable you guys." With Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel both on board, the new content is sure to be epic. All we have to do now is wait.

Image: Disney