Idina Menzel’s ‘Frozen 2’ Spoiler Joke Will Leave You With A Ton Of Questions

There are many amazing things in life, we can't let go of — the sequel to Disney's juggernaut musical, Frozen is definitely one of them. Released in 2013, the animated masterpiece took the world by storm, telling the tale of two sisters navigating through life and being faced with forces both good and evil. It should come as no surprise then, that fans all across the globe are looking forward to its now-confirmed sequel. However, they might be looking forward to it a little less now after Queen Elsa herself, Idina Menzel, teased a spoiler about Frozen 2 that was literally the opposite of what any fan wanted to hear.

Speaking to E! News Thursday night during the AFI Life Achievement Award tribute for composer John Williams, Menzel joked, "We are at story writing and they're working on it and I think I'm in it." Well, OK, that's good. But then, things got dark real fast: "That's all I know — unless maybe Elsa falls off an ice cliff and she dies in the first five minutes."

WAIT, WHAT?! Does this mean a major character will die in Frozen 2 ?

OK, probably not. It was clear Menzel was joking, as even E! reported in their piece about Menzel's quote. This is a kid's movie, and Elsa is pretty much a universally beloved character — since the film's stellar debut, audiences everywhere having been blasting mega hit "Let It Go" nonstop, wishing they were Elsa! She wouldn't be killed off. I'm going to go ahead and deem this a dark joke, and totally not a spoiler.

But... to play Devil's advocate for a moment here, considering Disney's history of tragic storylines — especially for family members — Menzel's joke isn't totally out of the realm of possibility. The concept of using heartbreak as a narrative choice in Disney movies is common (I mean, hello, Bambi? The Lion King? Dumbo? Up?!) I mean, according to Vulture, psychologists have even used the opening montage of Disney Pixar's Up to study tears. It could happen, that's all I'm saying. It probably won't. But, like, it could.

Luckily for now, Menzel is (likely probably hopefully) just joking, and we can all sleep easier until the sequel is released. Though no current premiere date has been set for the upcoming film, I know I can't be the only one when I say I legitimately can't wait.

Images: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures; Giphy