Queen Elizabeth Posts Her First Tweet & It's Just As Adorable As You'd Imagine

It's official: the Queen has joined 2016. Although the Royal Family (as well as Kensington Palace) has been sharing regular updates and photos on what everybody's favorite royals are up to across both Twitter and Instagram, George and Charlotte's great grandmother hasn't personally used social media... until now. On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth posted her first tweet, thanking everyone for the birthday wishes. But of course, she didn't call them birthday wishes. Nope, they're "digital messages of goodwill," which is the most regal and adorable way to refer to tweets of all time.

And just in case you were worried her tweet — which she signed "Elizabeth R." — wasn't the real deal, the Royal Family followed it up with confirmation that she wanted to thank followers herself. This lady may be 90, but she is not getting left behind where technology is concerned! And if you ask me, this tweet has been a long time coming. The Queen has always been this untouchable yet magical figure from across the pond to me, it makes her more real somehow. Guys, this is someone's grandma (albeit someone's Really Important Grandma) who is just thankful that people wanted her to have a happy birthday.

It's totally unlikely that the royals will ever have a social media presence beyond what they have today, no matter how much I wish Kate Middleton had her own Instagram and mommy blog. But now that the Queen has broken the Twitter ice, my only hope is that she continues sharing her thoughts via "digital message." And if she does, here's what she needs to talk about.

Her Adorable Great Grandchildren


The Queen is a busy lady, and I am under no illusion that she doesn't have a ton of time to sit on the floor and play with Charlotte and George. But when she does spend time with them, I want updates — the proud grandmother kind. And photos. There are never enough photos of these two.

Every Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumor


Who better to shut them down than someone from the inside? As much as I'm sure the Queen would love for her granddaughter-in-law to produce more heirs, I have a feeling she has no time for rumors.

All Of Her Outfit Details

When I'm her age, I am going to own at least one of those pink suits with matching hats. Or maybe blue. I don't know. But either way, I want to know where the Queen shops. Is an #OOTD Instagram post too much to ask for once in awhile?

Why She Looks Mad All The Time

The Queen's mean mug is by far one of my favorite memes of all times, so I'd like to know whether she knows it exists and what her thoughts are. Why the bummed face? And who could blame her if, after nine decades, she's tired of going to all of these events?

The Importance Of Manners

Julian Herbert/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Remember how, last summer, the Queen informed Lewis Hamilton he was breaching etiquette at a royal luncheon? That all could have been avoided if she was spending her downtime tweeting out lessons on manners, couldn't it?

Her Dogs

Who doesn't want to read about (and see more photos of) her gallant league of corgis? I know I can't be the only one.

Kensington Palace, please get the Queen sending digital messages on these subjects ASAP. Especially those corgi photos. It's necessary.

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