Julian Castro Could Be Hillary Clinton's VP

It seems as though Hillary Clinton's long-anticipated vice presidential pick is right around the corner. According to the Associated Press, Clinton has narrowed her list down to three candidates, and will likely announce her running mate very soon — leading many voters to wonder, will Julián Castro be Clinton's vice president? He's one of the three primary choices, according to the AP report.

President Barack Obama appointed Castro to his cabinet in July 2014, asking the former mayor of San Antonio to be the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Understandably, this appointment elevated Castro's political career, and many Democrats saw it as a move to ready Castro for a vice presidential nomination in 2016. However, of the three candidates on Clinton's short-list — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine are the others — the 41-year-old Castro has had the least high-profile political career, which some say could make him a less appealing vice presidential pick.

Many Democratic voters are excited by the idea of Clinton picking Elizabeth Warren to be her running mate — there's never been an all-female ticket before. Yet, Clinton picking Warren seems increasingly unlikely, since Clinton's Wall Street backers say they will end their financial support if Warren is the vice presidential nominee.

Erich Schlegel/Getty Images News/Getty Images

However, if Clinton wants to make her run extra-historic, Castro would also be a good vice presidential candidate: Castro would be the first Latino to run on a major party ticket. Clinton typically does well with Latino voters, and having Castro as her running mate would almost certainly ensure a landslide victory amongst Latino voters for Clinton against her opponent, Donald Trump.

Furthermore, Castro is relatively young, and Clinton does not poll well amongst young voters — in fact, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders did far better among young Latino voters than Clinton in the Democratic primaries. It's likely that Castro could attract young Latino and non-Latino voters alike, to the Clinton campaign — making him an understandably likely candidate.

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Another reason Clinton might choose Castro to be her running mate is that the cabinet member is from Texas — a state with a whopping 38 electoral votes. Though Texas consistently votes Republican in the general election, POLITICO reported that Clinton hopes to win the state in 2016. Considering that Texas is 38 percent non-white, and that Donald Trump is her opponent, Clinton does have a chance at winning Texas, but having Castro on the ticket would certainly make a victory in the Lone Star State a lot more likely.

The Clinton campaign is still in the process of vetting vice presidential candidates, and Castro hasn't acknowledged he might be Clinton's pick, but a Clinton-Castro ticket seems quite likely — we'll just have to wait and see.