How To Keep Pets Off Furniture & From Ruining Your Stuff With 11 Genius Finds

The happiest day of my life (besides my wedding day, the birth of my first born, and the breakup of Nickelback, respectively) will be the day I finally get my corgi. Consequently, I’ve been doing a lot of preparative research on things like how to keep your pets off furniture, and especially on how to keep pets from ruining your stuff. I have to say, it looks pretty exhausting. (Not exhausting enough to deter me from getting one, because — let's be real — pets who destroy furniture or not, I’ve got my priorities straight.)

Everything I’ve read starts out in a pretty similar way: It’s really important to be as patient as possible when a pet starts destroying your stuff. Your cats and dogs don’t realize what they’re doing wrong. They’re just acting on their natural behaviors that support grooming, teething, and playing, and yelling at them or reacting violently will only stifle the good relationship you’re trying to form. If you’ve tried everything to keep pets off the couch, stop your dog from chewing the furniture and nothing seems to work, check with a vet; excessive peeing, chewing, and scratching could be a sign of a medical problem, too. However, for basic training tactics to keep your house clean and your furniture intact, check out these awesome and innovative tools and tricks.

1. Stop The Chewing With A Natural Bitter Spray

Anti-Chew Bitter Spray , $15, Amazon

Pets learn through association, and that’s what makes this anti-chew bitter spray a quick and safe tool while you’re training your pets. It’s made with all natural and safe ingredients, but the mix of tea tree oil and bitters is unpleasant to your pets, so it stops the biting and chewing everywhere from wires to furniture. It can be used on anything in the house without staining, and the scent is very subtle to humans.

2. Keep Your Pets Off Your Furniture With Cover When You're Out

Pet Repeller Furniture Pad , $25, Amazon

Another great training tool, this Pet Repeller furniture pad uses a non-harmful foil material to keep your cats and dogs off of your furniture. While it’s entirely humane and non-electric, like some other brands, pets generally dislike the crinkly feel and sound of this cover, so they learn to stay away from your beds and couches. One thrilled reviewer with a stubborn puppy says, “The dog has not once tried to lay on the couch.” Victory!

3. ...Or Place Movement-Sensing Vibrating Alarm On Furniture

Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Vibrating Alarm, $25, Amazon

This small innovative motion alarm can be placed on the couch when you're out or moving around the room. When on, it senses your pet jumping onto the couch, releases a quick beep so that you can be alarmed, and also vibrates to train pets not to sneak onto the cushions when you're not there.

4. Give Your Cats Something More Intriguing To Scratch

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge , $50, Amazon

Cats look at your furniture and see their own personal manicurist and jungle gym. That being said, if you give them their own place to exercise, stretch, and scratch (preferably near their food) they’ll likely lay off your couch. This best-selling PetFusion cat scratcher lounge is durable, sleek- and modern-looking, and cats absolutely love the feel of the heavy-duty cardboard lining — more than anything else. It can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor, and reviewers say their cats have found their new best friend.

5. Groom Your Pets To Stop The Shedding

First Class Pets Grooming Mitt , $13, Amazon

It’s not their fault when they shed, but it does make your life a little more difficult. This First Class Pets grooming mitt is a shedding brush alternative that both cats and dogs absolutely love. It’s got soft rubber tips that feel great for them, and a ventilated comfortable glove that feels great for you. Best of all, while you’re having a bonding experience with your pet, you’re also collecting fur and dander in an easy-to-wash glove that would otherwise end up on your carpet.

6. Remove Stains And Odors With A Safe And Natural Solution

OxGord Organic Pet Stain & Odor Remover , $20, Amazon

Preventative methods are always best, but for times when the damage is already done, there’s this OxGord organic pet stain and odor remover. It uses a safe and all-natural combination of enzymes and essential oils to get rid of pet stains and odors on carpets, beds, and furniture, and it leaves your house feeling and looking entirely fresh. One recent convert says, “First of all, this one should have been called ‘The Miracle’ cleaner from Nature,” and she’s never going back to the unnatural big brands.

7. Keep Your Furry Friends Out Of The Trash Can

SimpleHuman Trash Can , $50, Amazon

For those pets that will not quit getting into your garbage (as one reviewer said, “This was my Christmas present for my cat...He might not appreciate it much, but we sure do”), you’ve got this SimpleHuman trash can. It’s got a super strong steel petal and anti-shock close feature for you, but a quick and reliable lid lock for your pets. Its sleek, space-saving design and choice of seven colors suits any kitchen, and it’s big enough to fit 13 gallon trash bags.

8. Lock And Unlock Your Cabinets With Sleek Magnets

Safety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks , $20, Amazon

When your cats and dogs start getting into your cabinets, it exceeds inconvenience and heads straight into the realm of dangerous. To keep your cleaning products, chemicals, and chocolates away from your pets, there’ are these Safety Baby magnetic cabinet locks. They can be adhered to any cabinet in less than three minutes without any tools, and when closed, you can’t even see that they’re there. Then, when you want to get into your cabinet, you put a simple magnetic knob against the latch, it clicks open, and you’re in.

9. Quit Tripping Over Your Pet Gates

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate , $37, Amazon

You’re through with the days of stepping over (and tripping over) pet gates. This Carlson walk-through gate fits just about any doorway with a pressure mount system that’s easy to install and stays put between any two walls. It’s got a handle and safety lock that opens for you, and a small pet door that can be unlatched for your little guys. It’s also made from a durable steel frame that keeps your pets where they should be without inconveniencing you in the slightest.

10. Soak Up Mud And Water After A Walk In The Rain

Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat , $16, Amazon

For one of the most absorbent dog mats you’ll ever find, there’s this Dog Gone Smart doormat. It’s made from microfiber strands that soak up water and mud, and then dry ridiculously quickly, and it’s also got a non-slip back for safety purposes. Reviewers say, “My dogs just step onto the rug briefly, and no muddy prints on the floor,” and that means that rainy days are no longer a huge headache for you.

11. Channel Your Dog’s Energy Somewhere Else

iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower , $115, Amazon

Your pets mean well, and when they’re ruining your stuff, it’s often an indication that they have pent-up energy that needs to be released. This iFetch interactive ball thrower is an awesome resource for extremely energetic dogs. With a little training, your dog can play entirely on its own by placing the ball in the top and chasing after the included tennis balls as they shoot across the floor. It comes with a wall plug or can be used with batteries, and no big deal, but this video of a corgi playing with it is arguably one of my favorite ones on the internet.

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