Morello's Trust Issues Resurface In 'OITNB'

The Litchfield ladies are back in Orange is the New Black Season 4 — and though my heart may still be broken over that turn in the final two episodes, we have a lot to talk about from the new episodes of Netflix's original series. Spoilers ahead for OITNB Season 4. Plenty happened in OITNB Season 4, which picked up right where Season 3 left off: The prisoners in the lake and Lorna Morello a happily married woman. But, her happiness dissolves over the season for one specific reason. So, is Vinny cheating on Morello in Orange is The New Black ?

OK, first of all, let's take a look back on Morello's history that we've seen so far in Orange is the New Black's first three seasons. When we were first introduced to her, she had a fiance named Christopher with whom she was planning a wedding. However, it was revealed through flashbacks in Season 2 that Morello only went on one date with Christopher and most of their relationship was a delusion of hers, while the real Christopher had to move multiple times and change his phone number to avoid her stalking. After he exposed her lies to the other inmates in Litchfield — and Nicky got sent to the SHU — Morello started writing to men to make a connection, which is how she met Vinny.

So, why would Morello even think that Vinny is cheating on her? Well, their marriage in Season 4 starts off fine. They have enough phone sex to make the fellow inmates uncomfortable — not to mention the in-person phone sex (what else would you call that?) they share during visitation. But, when Vinny calls and visits Morello less, she sends her sister to check on him and begins to suspect they're having an affair, which she accuses both her sister and Vinny of in separate confrontations.

But, is Vinny really cheating on Morello with her sister? Probably not. Morello created an entire relationship out of one date with Christopher, and she went to extreme lengths to make that relationship a reality or hurt anyone who challenged it — such extreme lengths that she landed in prison (or so we were led to believe by her Season 2 flashbacks). So I think it might be safe to say Vinny isn't really cheating on Morello, though we don't know for sure since we don't ever see Vinny interacting with Morello's sister.

Plus, in the Season 4 finale, Morello (who has been telling her friends that she and Vinny are having a baby to hide the trouble in her relationship) is confronted by Nicky and eventually reveals that "it's happening again." Morello recognizes that she can't control what her mind thinks about her relationship with Vinny and she's afraid he's going to leave her because of it. So it would seem even Morello knows on some level that Vinny isn't cheating on her. But, that's what makes her storyline on Orange is the New Black, especially the repetitive cycle of it, so tragic.

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