24 Things ‘GoT’ Fans Want To See In The Finale

While we’re all still reeling from the awesomeness that was Game Of Thrones’ “Battle of the Bastards,” HBO has one more epic episode to deliver this season, powerfully titled “The Winds of Winter.” Hinting that we’ve basically seen the saga unfold this season before the book of the same title hit shelves. With such a powerful and surprising season (sans book spoilers), fans have been searching for any clues they can find about Game Of Thrones Season 6 finale episode , but HBO has been pretty tight-lipped about the sure to be shocking tenth episode of the season. If the cliffhangers are anything like last year’s (cough, dead Jon Snow), this episode is sure to be a doozy.

HBO was similarly secretive about last week’s “Battle of the Bastards.” In a previous Bustle article, I discussed the buzz surrounding HBO’s stark press release, lacking descriptions for the season’s final two episodes. Among the hubbub, the network did follow up with succinct statements about the final two episodes, stating the following about the finale: “Cersei faces her trial.”

And, if the trailer is in any indication, this episode will be jam-packed. The 45-second teaser is literally all over the map as it features Cersei, Margaery and Tommen preparing for Cersei’s trial in King’s Landing, with trial sneak peeks showing the High Sparrow and Loras; Jon and Sansa embracing in Winterfell while discussing trust; Walder Frey toasting Jaime Lannister; Sansa and Littlefinger having a hopefully non-romantic meeting; Davos and the Red Lady revealing something they kept from Jon Snow; Bran; a tender moment between Daenerys and Daario; and Tyrion giving Dany a pep-talk in Essos. Whoah. There is a lot going on.

With such titillating teasers, following such a HUGE episode, there are some storylines fans are dying to see unfold. When considering the theories and teasers surrounding the tenth episode, here are 24 things fans want to see in the Season 6 finale.

1. An Extra Long Episode

Enough with this promising an hour and delivering close to 50 minutes garbage. HBO has announced that fans who pay for HBO streaming will be getting their money’s worth — mooches who use a buddy’s old roommate’s login info, we’re looking at you — as the finale episode will be 69 minutes in length.

2. Margaery Uprises

She does not believe a word the High Sparrow says. And, she is just waiting for the perfect moment to pull the trigger on the surely brilliant plan she’s been devising. Could Cersei’s trial be the right moment? Cersei did predict a younger queen would be her downfall …

3. The Matter Of Loras

Like Rickon, Margaery has an imprisoned brother who could throw a wrench in her plan. Did Margaery factor in Loras? Will he be collateral damage? Or could he be her Achilles heel?

4. The Mountain & Cersei Take Names

So the High Sparrow said no trial by combat, but will Cersei actually listen?

5. The High Sparrow Dies

Ugh, please. And make it a fate as bad as Ramsay Bolton’s!

6. Tommen Dies And Margaery Takes Over

Everyone is over Tommen, right? He needs to grow up, or get out of the way.

7. Dany Heads For Westeros

Tyrion tells Dany in the trailer, “You’re in the great game now.” Could this be a pep-talk readying her to finally leave for Westeros — where her opponents in this game are?

8. Dragons Headed For Westeros

Wherever Dany goes, her dragons go.

9. Jon Snow Heads For Kings Landing?

I know he just won back Winterfell, but I doubt he just sits there twiddling his thumbs.

10. Dany and Jon Are Closer Than Ever To Meeting


11. Will Arya Stark Get To Winterfell?

A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home. *Mic Drop*

12. Sansa & Arya Closer Than Ever Before

Will these sisters finally be reunited? Will Arya and Jon finally be reunited?

13. Not To Be A Downer, But We Need Answers About Arya?

She got stabbed. Like a lot. How is she possibly alive? Also, Jaqen H'ghar is really just going to let her leave. I’m just not buying it.

14. Who Is Ruling Winterfell? Sansa? Jon? Both?

Sansa is a woman and Jon Snow is a bastard. So, who is the more rightful heir? Also, Jon tells Sansa in the trailer, “We need to trust each other.” Could this be about their shared responsibility? An enemy, as the teaser suggests? Or Sansa’s secrecy involving Littlefinger.

15. Littlefinger Groveling At Sansa’s Feet

Now that the tables have turned it will be interesting to see Littlefinger grovel at Sansa’s feet, the man has always cozied up to power out of self preservation. Now, Sansa holds such power.

16. What The Hell Happened To That Other Red Woman?

Way to introduce a character, guys. Will she become part of Dany’s entourage? Will she and Dany actually meet soon?

17. Jon Snow’s Mother & Father Revealed?

Really, how long are we going to drag this out?

18. Tyrion’s Father Revealed?

C’mon he’s been with Dany for a season, can’t we just do the brother and sister reveal already?

19. Meanwhile in Dorne …

Tumbleweed passes by. Crickets chirp. Maybe we’ll get back to these guys next season?

20. More Lyanna Mormont

Because, no amount of Lyanna Mormont is too small. Did you see her mean mug Ramsay Bolton in episode 9?

21. “The Freys And The Lannisters Send Their Regards … ”

This is a line from the trailer, which is narrated over a clip of Walder Frey toasting Jaime. But, according to a Bustle article by Leah Thomas, people just aren’t buying it. Thomas points out that if Jaime isn’t back in King’s Landing for Cersei’s trial something juicy is happening. Could Jaime switch allegiances and kill Walder Frey?

22. What Did The Red Lady Do To Jon?

In the trailer Davos is shouting at the Red Lady, with Jon Snow present, “Tell him what you did to him, tell him.” Which has fans questioning, what the hell did she do to him?

23. Where Are Sam And Gilly?

Ugh, they have precious cargo… Valyrian steel.

24. Dany & Yara Hook Up

Could you imagine if two queens ruled the seven kingdoms together? YASS QUEENS

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