Is The Blackfish Really Dead On 'Game Of Thrones'? 7 Reasons That He’s Probably Still Alive

Yes, the “Battle of The Bastards” was one of the most epic episodes in Game of Thrones history, but we need to talk about a plot point that wasn’t quite wrapped up. Did the Blackfish die in the siege of Riverrun? The topic has created a bit of a debate since no one saw the outcome of the fight and no one in Westeros is dead until we see a body. I have a strong feeling that we haven't seen the last of the Blackfish, but I wouldn’t expect resolution in the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 6 finale.

Let’s recap, shall we? The Blackfish had taken control of Riverrun and refused to let the Freys and the Lannisters take over his home. Jaime was tasked with heading over there to take the castle back since they have a deal with the Freys (think back to the horrifying Red Wedding). Jaime threatens to kill Edmure Tully’s son, if he doesn't get his army and his father to stand down. Edmure commands the Tully army to surrender and while the Blackfish had the chance to escape with Brienne and Pod, he decides to “die” fighting for his home.

Now let’s get back to the fact the Blackfish may not be dead…

His Book Plot Line

Spoiler alert: apparently in the Game of Thrones books, the Blackfish doesn't die. In A Feast For Crows, Jaime does come to siege Riverrun, and Edmure does surrender the castle, but the Blackfish escapes. He swims out of the castle and hasn’t been seen since. He was declared an outlaw. This definitely could have happened after Brienne and Pod escaped. We just don't know yet.

Edmure Tully

I know the Blackfish refused to let his son in and basically gave the Frey’s the OK to kill him, but a part of me wants to believe that Edmure would save his uncle somehow. It’s definitely a possibility!

You Can’t Just Assume He Died

Have we learned nothing from this show? The Hound and Uncle Benjen were both “presumed” dead and we were wrong about that. You have to actually see a death on Game of Thrones for it to be true. No body, no proof and I stand by that.

He Could Be Imprisoned

There is a very good chance Jaime has taken the Blackfish captive versus letting his army murder him. He could be a very valuable person to keep alive considering the Starks are back together. Brienne did confirm that she found Sansa and reunited her with Jon.

Give It A Few Seasons

The fate of the Blackfish is unlikely to be talked about in the season finale. If he’s alive, it will probably be revealed in the manor that Uncle Benjen was just revealed. We all will think he’s dead for awhile and poof, right when he’s needed, he will pop back up.

He Needs To End The Freys

Jon and Sansa have the Lannisters to worry about and someone needs to take down Walder Frey. Here’s what needs (and should) go down: The Blackfish is alive and Edmure somehow frees him and they plan an attack on Walder Frey and murder him in a horrific way that we’ve all been waiting for. On top of that, Edmure gets his son back. The end.

The Rise Of The Starks

Maybe I’m naive, but it’s been a long time since the Starks were on the rise and it’s time for them and all their loyal supporters to get some good news. I’m basically holding out hope that he’s still alive. They will need all the support they can get now.

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