That Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Dating Rumor Is Back Thanks To The Most Random Celeb Source — UPDATE

So those dating rumors about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are true? If you ask a certain former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, they sure are. E! News reports that while chatting with the podcast Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss Tuesday, Claudia Jordan confirmed that Holmes and Foxx are dating. After denying she and Foxx ever had a thing, Jordan seemingly cleared up all those rumors about Holmes and Foxx, who the reality star also described as her "good friend." She dished about the two, "He is very happy with her. I like that he seems very happy."

Update: Jordan has released a statement to Entertainment Tonight in which she says she "misspoke" when talking about Foxx:

"I guess people are really wanting someone to confirm this, and I'm sorry, but it’s not coming from me. I don't have the knowledge of this being fact. I misspoke ... I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all. I've never seen them together. He's never told me he's dating her."

Earlier: Foxx's rep tells Bustle that they are not commenting on the matter; Holmes' rep has not yet responded to our request for comment.

It sure sounds like Jordan went ahead and outed them as a couple, but whether or not she can believed is another question. It'd be surprising if she'd speak nonsense about someone she says is her "good friend." (And if Foxx and Holmes are trying to keep their relationship under wraps, how do you think they're going to feel now that Jordan basically spilled the beans?) The only reason I question all of this is because this isn't the first time the two actors have been "confirmed" as a couple.

For quite some time now, there have been reports flying about their alleged romance. For starters, they were first linked in 2013 at the 4th annual Apollo in the Hamptons charity event, where they were spotted dancing. From that moment on, the rumors took off and sources came forward supposedly confirming their romance.

For example, in May 2015, Us Weekly reported that Holmes told Foxx "I love you" over the phone. A source said, "She said she loved him. She always gushes about how amazing he is and the joy he brings into the world." As for that whole "I love you" thing, Holmes' rep told Perez Hilton, "Katie is not dating anyone. She's not gushing about anyone. These stories are untrue. She was on the phone with her daughter when she supposedly was overheard saying, 'I love you.'"

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then, in May 2016, reports escalated to rumors about Holmes and Foxx expecting a child and getting married. Well, Holmes' spokesperson told Mirror Celebs that such rumors were "categorically untrue." Foxx's rep also told E! News in June 2016 that he is "not engaged, not getting married and not having another child."

Furthermore, Foxx even spoke out in March 2015 and told a paparazzo (via E! News), "Oh come on, you guys have been trying to get that to stick for three years." He also said the two are "just friends" and were working on an upcoming animated project together. Then he added, "That's all it is."

Even though it seems like past rumors surrounding Holmes and Foxx are untrue, it's hard to know what to think now that Jordan has spoken out.

Whatever the case, the Holmes and Foxx romance mystery continues.