Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Rumored To Be Dating Again Because, Apparently, People Realllly Want Them Together

Let the rumors begin — again. That's right, those Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx dating rumors have returned and are swirling rapidly. Apparently, people really want these two together. According to People, several sources have spotted Holmes and Foxx "spending time together for well over a year." With that said, it doesn't look like it's anything "serious," but, clearly, it's serious enough to have a conversation about it.

Another source told the entertainment publication, "This is not some intense romance. Jamie and Katie are friends and have been for a long time. They are two adults who are attractive and single, and so apparently conclusions will be drawn." The same source added, "But contrary to those conclusions, they're not about to run off and make some serious commitment."

Even though it's said to be nothing major, apparently, Holmes has been spotted visiting Foxx's home "often" and they are even said to be spending "hours together" at a time. People's sources also say they don't think Holmes and Foxx will make anything official, but a serious relationship (and not necessarily with Foxx) is indeed in Holmes future.

So, are they or aren't they? For those unaware, the Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating rumors have been going on since 2013. Dating rumors swirled back then thanks to Holmes and Foxx dancing together at a charity event. Of course, two celebs spotted cutting a rug together means they're in love and getting married, right? Actually, two years ago, Foxx denied the rumors saying they were "100 percent not true."


Despite Foxx's denial, two years have passed, meaning there's a good chance that the two are dating now... Or, it just means the actors are good friends and hang out from time to time. Whatever the case, it got me thinking: have these two been spotted or rumored to be dating anyone else within this two-year time frame? If so, then maybe this proves that the rumors are just that?

In 2013, Foxx was reportedly dating Cristy Rice, from Bravo's Real Housewives of Miami. The former housewife from Season 1 of the reality series posted a photo of the two on Instagram. As far as I can tell, nothing came of this rumor and picture.

As for Holmes, in 2013, the Dawson's Creek alumna was linked to jazz musician Peter Cincotti. You guessed it, those dating rumors were slammed by Holmes' rep. The actress was also linked to Jake Gyllenhaal, which was, once again, debunked by her rep. And in 2014, Holmes and Alexander Skarsgard were said to be dating. So, there you have it. Not only were Foxx and Holmes linked, but they were also connected to several other individuals.

Basically, this is Hollywood and anyone can be said to be dating anyone — it doesn't mean it's true. Overall, these two seem to keep their dating lives pretty private. So, will we ever know if they dated in 2013, if they've been dating for the past two years, or if they just started dating? I'm going with probably not. Until then, there's no doubt people will continue to speculate and have fun wondering "are they or aren't they?"

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