Kylie Jenner Teases 3 Summer Lip Kit Shades

It seems like every other afternoon Kylie Jenner is announcing a new shade for her lip kits, and today is no different. On Monday evening, Jenner announced two new limited-edition blue shades in honor of fourth of July, which are very different than the matte neutrals we are used to seeing from the collection (as in: they are bright). "Skylie" and "Freedom" will be launching on June 24, just in time for the long holiday weekend. As if that wasn't enough for her millions of beauty-obsessed fans, late Tuesday afternoon, Jenner Snapchatted an image of the next three shades that she will be launching for summer.

The problem? The picture was in black and white, so there's really no way to tell what the colors actually are. Classic Kylie, always trying to surprise us.

Like with all great mysteries, Kylie's cryptic photo gives us free reign to speculate about what her July launch could possibly have in store. All three shades appear to be high gloss, and don't look like they'd fit into the already-in-existence metal and matte collections. There is a light shade, a medium shade and a dark shade... but because the picture is tonal that's pretty much all we know.

Here is the photo she shared on Snapchat:

One Instagram user guessed that the glosses were Red, White and Blue, though considering she already announced two new blue shades today (to mixed reviews) it seems like she'd probably want to go with something different for her second teaser.

With the (pretty useless) help of Photoshop and some creative Instagram filtering, my best guess is that the shades are shimmery coral-orange, sheer peachy-nude, and high gloss fuchsia-plum. Sounds pretty right? Alas, there is really no way to say for sure.

Even though there is basically zero evidence to back up any of these guesses, those colors would all make for the perfect pop of color on a summer lip, so a girl can dream, can't I?