Who Did The Liars Kill On 'Pretty Little Liars'? This Is Definitely Their Biggest Crime Yet

In true Rosewood fashion, the Pretty Little Liars Season 7 premiere wasted no time in introducing yet another mystery, but this time it was in the form of a flash forward. Though it's unclear how far ahead this moment is into the future, we see the Liars (except for Hanna) digging a grave and all of them are on the verge of hysterics. Why? Because, according to Spencer, the Liars have killed someone. And I'm not just referring to an accidental death, which would be upsetting enough as it is. No, what I'm talking about is first degree murder, meaning they had an actual hand in whatever went down. But what was it that exactly went down? Who did the Liars kill on Pretty Little Liars ? Unfortunately, that question is probably going to go unanswered for a while.

The good news is that I feel like the writers want us to believe it's Hanna, which means that it's probably not her at all. However, that still leaves plenty of potential victims, especially considering we know that Jason, Jenna, Paige, and Noel will all be returning throughout the course of the season. So, in the words of Taylor Swift, we're not out of the woods yet (Lost Woods or otherwise) and there's still plenty to worry about.

Just based on the brief conversation we witnessed, the victim — whoever he or she may be — is definitely someone that the Liars knew well. Emily even stated "I can't believe we're burying..." before trailing off, almost as though she couldn't even stand to say the name out loud because of how much it hurt. That tells us that they weren't just upset because they're now all first degree murderers. They're also upset because of who it is that it happened to.

My mind automatically jumped to Mona, given her complicated history with the Liars and the fact that she's been trying to turn over a new leaf. (A clear cut sign that something is bound to go wrong.) But the writers have already played the death card with the character, so maybe things will go a different. One thing's for sure, though, this is one crime the Liars will never be able to bounce back from and could ultimately change them forever.

Image: Eric McCandless/Freeform