Rihanna Gets Emotional During Her Latest Show

One thing I've learned from being a Rihanna fan over the years is that she is a very tough woman, yet also a very passionate soul. Essentially, whatever Rihanna does, she does full force, and I admire that about her. This was the case on a stop for her ongoing Anti World Tour, when Rihanna broke down in tears at her Dublin show while singing "Love The Way You Lie." I was a bit shocked to see Rih crying so openly, because I had never seen her get so vulnerable on stage, but in a way it was a nice and refreshing change to see. Rih is just full of surprises.

While I know that Rihanna does get pretty passionate and fierce during her performances of certain songs, it was an eye-opener to see her actually sobbing while singing a song. As the song went on, it became even more difficult for the 28-year-old to get through the lyrics and she shied away from the mic before passionately singing, "But you'll always be my hero, even though, you lost your mind."

First off, I need to recognize the fact that she looks so gorgeous, even with tears running down her face. I need to know what kind of mascara she was using, because this was one of the most impressive waterproof situations I have ever seen. When looking through social media, I noticed many fans voicing concerns for her, because it seemed like crying this openly was definitely not a normal thing for her, and I concur.

This vulnerability is the ultimate way for people to connect to music, because clearly, her fans feel the lyrics and passion in the song, because Rihanna feels the same way and she is showing them. I love seeing this side of her, because she is a dynamic performer and artist who shows that openness and "weakness" can show just as much strength. Because it seemed so unusual for her devoted fans, I wondered if Rihanna had ever gotten so emotional during a show, and it turns out it doesn't happen often, but tears have broken through before.

Back in 2013, Rihanna was incredibly emotional when performing her hit "Stay" at a show in France. She seemed to be overwhelmed by the crowd in the same way that she was in Dublin, and she really seemed to react to the fans singing her song so loudly.

After this performance, E! News reported that she opened up to the crowd and said,

"You all make me so happy. This is everything that matters to me. And to stand here and feel the love in this room. The Diamonds tour is nearly coming to an end and I hate this part. I hating saying goodbye. You guys showed me so much love in this room tonight."

Awww! There doesn't seem to be much more evidence of the singer being overcome with emotion at a concert until a concert in September 2015, where she cried while singing her 2008 hit "Take A Bow" during a show in Chile.

Still, neither of these instances really match the raw emotion of her performance in Dublin. She recently gave a passionate performance of her song "Love On The Brain" at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, so this might be marking a new era of a Rihanna who is evolving and ready to show her fans what she's really made of — vulnerability and all.