Is Gwyneth Paltrow On Snapchat? You May See Her On The App Very Soon

It's no secret that celebrities love their social media, because it is the perfect way to have control over what they share with their fans of their personal life. Through their Snapchat accounts, the Kardashian family has even further solidified their hold on popular culture, and other celebrities, musicians, and actors have used Snap as another method to advertise their products and projects. Lately, I've been following Gwyneth Paltrow on social media, and while it might have a bit to do with her friendship with Beyoncé, I also think she's an inspiring woman who expanded her career to include "entrepreneur" with her lifestyle brand, Goop. Since other women in her realm have gotten accounts, I wonder if Gwyneth Paltrow is on Snapchat, too?

At this point, I think Paltrow may have a private Snapchat account, but not one that us non-celebrity friends know about. The actor has mentioned using the app before, but there are no public videos or mentions of her snaps by fans. In early January 2016, she shared with Yahoo! Beauty that her daughter, Apple, was a big fan of makeup, and that Apple liked to do "some Snapchat person with rainbows down the face." She then admitted that she "doesn't even know what that is."

More recently, Paltrow posted a photo on her official Instagram of her using the very popular puppy dog filter, causing many fans to ask what her official Snapchat name was, but nothing was answered. Was she just using her friend's Snapchat and decided to screenshot her pic and upload it?

While I don't know for sure if Paltrow has her own Snapchat, I know that if she does, it is not public as of yet. But fear not, because it sounds like Goop is about to makes its Snapchat debut, so if you were missing out on Gwyneth snaps in your life, your wish might be coming true very soon. Goop's CEO, Lisa Gersh, told Business Insider at the Cannes Lions Festival that Goop was preparing to launch a Snapchat account.

It sounds like a pretty natural progression for Paltrow to share snapchats of the Goop products. I totally want to see Paltrow making her morning power juice in that absurd $5,000 gold juicer, wouldn't you? She could poke a little fun at herself and show more of her personality, beyond the award-winning actor we've seen on red carpets.

Her Instagram is already giving fans a little more insight into her personality, so Snapchat would just be the icing on the cake. Whether it's from her own account or through Goop, fans are ready more recipes, filters, and selfies with Beyoncé.