Are ‘WAGS’ Stars Ashley & Dashon Still Together? They're Looking Pretty Solid

With WAGS Season 2 finally here, fans may be wondering if any relationship statuses have changed since last season. The show’s name is an acronym for wives and girlfriends of sports stars, so naturally WAGS features a cast of women attached to pro-athletes. And titles like “wife” and “girlfriend” come with status in this world. So, WAGS fans might be curious to know if the couples are still together — especially when it comes to Ashley North. So, are Ashley North and Dashon Goldson from WAGS still together?

Ashley’s fiancée label stirred up a lot of drama last season. She’s been dating the man for 10 years, they have a daughter, they’re engaged, and the family lives together, but Dashon refuses to set a date for the wedding. In an article by Bustle's Kayla Hawkins, she discussed the turmoil this was putting Ashley through and noted that the situation was making her somewhat of “a pariah” in this circle of women. Ashley’s mother Pam, who is a professional sports wife, made an appearance on the show, trying to comfort her daughter, according to People. In the episode, Ashley revealed to her mom that she felt she needed the marriage to feel like a real family.

So is enough, enough? Did Dashon finally put a wedding ring on it? I took to social media to find out if the couple is still together as of WAGS Season 2 — and it looks like they are a couple in a growing family. Here are all of Ashley's posts that prove the couple is still living their happily ever after.

She Is Pregnant With The Couple’s Second Child

Ashley is pregnant with baby number two, so it looks like they are becoming parents a second time over together.

They Are Celebrating The Baby

I know a pregnancy or baby doesn't always mean a couple is staying together, but these two are celebrating the baby as a unit.

They Celebrated Their Daughter’s Birthday

Here they are at their daughter Charly's fifth birthday.

They Travel Together

Ashley recently accompanied her fiancé to a conference for pro-athletes.

She’s Still A Redskins Fan

As of last football season, she was still rooting for Dashon's team.

He Actually Posted About Her On Social Media

Dashon never seems to post about Ashley on social media. He often posts about his daughter, lifestyle, or football. But even Dashon got gushy about the relationship on Mother's Day.

So, it looks like the couple is still going strong. But I'm sure there will be plenty of drama surrounding the pregnancy and a potentially still TBD wedding date on WAGS Season 2.