'GoT' Star Iwan Rheon Says Ramsay Isn't Sorry

Victories are rare on Game of Thrones, I think we should all take the time to enjoy this moment before the Season 6 finale. One of the series' most twisted villains has been defeated, and Sansa Stark finally joined the murder club by setting Ramsay's hungry hounds on him. In an interview with Bustle, Iwan Rheon talked about Ramsay's final moments on Game of Thrones, both from the character's perspective and his own. As an actor, he thinks the choice to have Sansa kill Ramsay instead of Jon was a good one.

"I think she certainly deserves it," Rheon says. "I think he went in a really good way ... it was very fitting that Sansa got the final blow in, for want of a better phrasing."

Lord Bolton's time was up, he says, and now everyone can "move forward and the Starks can get Winterfell back, you know, let the Starks sort of get a bit of hope back into the world!" I couldn't agree more. Now that Ramsay Bolton is dead and gone, what should we remember about him, according to Rheon? Simple.

He's definitely not sorry!

Ha! I mean, what were you expecting? Ramsay made a huge dramatic show out of killing one Stark child before the "Battle of the Bastards" even began. That guy absolutely enjoyed being punched in the face by Jon Snow, and seemed confident that he had won until the very end.

Was there ever a fate worse than death for Ramsay? I think Sansa's assurance that his name and his house would disappear came pretty close to whatever that could have been. "I think to be made into a Reek would be quite fitting," says Rheon. "He probably deserves that. [Sansa] could have kept him in the kennels, couldn't she, for a couple of years?"

Death wasn't the end for Jon Snow, and in a way I am surprised to see his "evil twin," so to speak, go down so easily. Not that I'm complaining. Not at all. Westeros is certainly in safer hands with Ramsay Bolton gone.

I shudder to think what this show will cook up next, villain-wise. Rheon suggests Euron Greyjoy and of course, the frightening prospect of the White Walkers. "Don't forget what's coming from the North," he says. "I think you're gonna get a real villain in the Night's King, I think he's the scariest character by a mile." This may be a shining moment for Game of Thrones now, but if Ramsay Bolton teaches us anything, it's that there's always something unexpected and threatening around the corner.

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; Giphy