Mac 'N Cheetos Are Coming To Burger King

Growing up, I had two favorite things: mac and cheese, and Cheetos — aside from friends, family, and other important non-cheese things. That said, you can guess my excitement when I found out that the new kid of the fast food block is Mac'n Cheetos at Burger King. My two favorite cheese-covered semi-circles have joined together to create the ultimate snack and my heart is full. I've already looked up the closest BK locations and spent over an hour looking at pictures of them online, as if they're a Tinder date I'm amping myself up to meet.

Not dissimilar to the Doritos and Taco Bell mash up you've come to know and love, the new star on the BK menu is basically a classic fast food item (mozzarella sticks) covered in a dusting of that classic, finger-staining Cheetos cheese. Oh, but here's the twist — those mozzarella sticks? Oh yeah, they're actually filled with mac and cheese. Because why have plain cheese when you can have mac and cheese, obviously. These might be worthy of finger-protectant Cheetos gloves and a gooey mac and cheese-protectant bib. I know, I know, your mind must be running rampant with visual fantasies of what this glorious beast looks like. Here it is, feast your eyes on this muti-platform cheese orgy:

Look at all of those oranges! Sunrise! Amber! Tangerine! Marigold! Marmalade! Bronze! These puppies hold the holy trinity of flavors: cheesy, crunchy, and fried. And while I imagine this wouldn't be a good idea to have for ~every~ meal, I have a strong feeling they're going to be in high demand, for a long time. The only rub is, BK is only supplying its restaurants with a limited supply — which will most likely run out in eight weeks time. So once we eat all the Mac 'n Cheetos, they're gone. It will be a dream that we hold the proof of with our fingertip stains and maybe a few Instagrams that we show our grandchildren one day.

Oh, and if you think Burger King is done there, you are very wrong. Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America (does this make him THE burger king of North America?) says that there's definitely lots of room in the BK menu for more snack and menu item mash ups in the future. Personally, I'd like to see some Sour Cream & Onion Rings, maybe some Salt & Vinegar Fries, BBQ Chicken Nuggets, Cool Ranch Salad, Starburst Smoothies, Fun Dip Shakes, — just to name a few, not that I've put any thought into this or anything. ARE YOU LISTENING, BURGER KING?!