What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You

by Dacy Knight

"What's your favorite cheese?" doesn't often make its way into polite (or even awkward) conversation like, maybe say, "What's your favorite kind of music?" or "What's your favorite color?" But there is something to be said about cheese and what it reveals about our personal preferences, indulgences, and even personality. It's safe to say that almost everyone loves cheese (and those who don't shouldn't be trusted), and the cheese you love most says a lot about you.

Cheese exists in a boundless array of beautiful varieties, each variation appealing to certain cravings, desires, and needs. Yes, needs. The power of cheese is no joke. A recent study found that cheese addiction is real, and can even be compared to that of heroin. We make excuses to incorporate this dairy drug into as many dishes as possible. In the endless cycle of our jonesing and gratifying, we form a personal relationship with cheese. For some, a stronger relationship than others.

Even if you're a lover of all cheese, deep down you have your go-to. Your main-cheese. Your number one. When browsing the cheese aisle, there's that specific saran-wrapped silhouette that gets your heart going and mouth salivating. Here's what your cheese of choice says about you.

1. Cheddar

You're down to earth and prefer the classics. If you're a lover of the sharp variety, you're an unapologetic go-getter. You believe every American staple is made better by cheddar, and you'd be darned if it isn't there bettering your cheeseburger, biscuits, or apple pie.

2. Mozzarella

You're easygoing and appreciate the joie de vivre. It doesn't matter what music is playing (or your level of coordination), you kill it on the dance floor. You live your life 110 percent, and this makes you a magnetic force to be reckoned with.

3. Brie

Whether you practice restraint with double cream or go full-force triple cream brie, you enjoy comfort and pampering yourself. Other indulgences include romantic movies, your secret wedding Pinterest board, and watching reruns of Sex In The City. Your own core-four describe you as sweet and pleasure-seeking, maybe even a little soft.

4. Blue Cheese

You consider yourself sophisticated, and seek complexity. You frequent obscure art galleries, listen to playlists curated by Pitchfork, and there's always an existential novel on your nightstand. Or maybe you just like sports bars and hot wing bucket deals.

5. Parmesan

You keep it simple in the best way. You don't waste time over-complicating things, and this makes you approachable and quick to make friends.

6. Swiss

You clearly don't care at all about cheese.

7. Gouda

You're inflicted with wanderlust, and you were wearing Birkenstocks before they made their fashion comeback. You know what you like, and consider yourself somewhat of a beer connoisseur.

8. Feta

Friends count on you to be the life of the party. You tweet one-liners and made a Tinder profile just to mess with clueless suitors.

9. Goat

You're an old soul. You opt for a quiet night in over a blackout session on the town. Friends go to you for your sage advice and worldly wisdom.

10. American

You enjoy Saturday morning cartoons and cereal with mascots. You take out the trash in exchange for money to buy Pogs.

Note: If your favorite cheese didn't make the list but you find it here, then you're classy as hell.

Images: Simply Scratch; Andrea Goh, Daniel Oines, The Pizza Bike, Christopher Mooney, Cookbookman17, Thor, arbyreed, Eelke, Steven Depolo, Rebecca Siegel/Flickr; Closet Cooking