11 Sit-In Memes & Tweets That You Need To See

In a historic moment of showing party unity, Democrats held a sit-in on the House of Representatives floor to fight against the GOP's stubborn stance on gun control. The sit-in is obviously a pretty serious political move about a pretty serious issue, but of course Twitter users have begun to weigh in. These 11 sit-in memes and tweets take the gun violence discussion to another level and basically redefine #SquadGoals.

The hours-long sit-in was a way for House Democrats to voice their opinions after the Senate blocked gun control bills earlier this week. From Columbine to Sandy Hook to Charleston to, most recently, Orlando, the U.S. has seen an unprecedented number of mass shootings, all of which have devastated the nation yet resulted in little to no gun control reforms. The horrific June 12 attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history; many thought this would be the event that finally pushed gun legislation forward and created tighter restrictions on gun laws. However, they were unfortunately wrong, as the issue on solving gun violence in the U.S. remained fairly partisan and Republicans voted against the Democrats' bills almost unanimously.

If you didn't catch the live stream of today's sit-in, these 11 memes and tweets will catch you up on all that you needed to see:


If ending gun violence takes an entire squad, House Democrats are ready to bring it.

Moms Know Best

Really, they do.

Revisiting History

This isn't the first sit-in for John Lewis: he was instrumental in the Civil Rights movement and has led numerous sit-ins before.

Fighting Until The End

Really, though, Lewis is a pro at sit-ins, and he has even been arrested for participating in them in the past.


I'm not even a Game of Thrones person and I thought this comparison was hilarious.

Fighting For The Victims

At the end of it all, it's important to remember who these Democrats and gun rights activists are fighting for — not what they're fighting for.

No More Waiting

It's clear that Democrats are refusing to wait any long on this issue, which is understandable given the shocking number of lives we've lost due to gun violence.

Standing Together Against Gun Violence

In addition to the Democrats inside the House of Representatives, there were numerous citizen leaders who protested outside the building for the sit-in.

Reminder Of How Far We've Come

Or not.

The Final Question

And it's clear Democrats are not stopping until they get answers.

Only time will tell how effective this sit-in will be for ending gun violence and getting the GOP to pass gun control bills. Until then, Democrats will continue sitting on the floor and fighting for what they believe will make our country safer.