Michelle Obama & Alexis Bledel Hung Out At The White House, So Is The FLOTUS In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival?

Who run the world? Gilmore Girls. Or, at least, that what it seemed like on Wednesday when First Lady Michelle Obama Snapchatted Alexis Bledel hanging out in The White House. That's right: Bledel, aka, Rory Gilmore herself. Rory Gilmore in the White House! Of course, the first thing I thought when I saw the Snapchats was what in the world is Bledel doing in the White House? I mean, there could be a lot of legitimate reasons why Bledel stopped by 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to visit the First Lady. For starters, Bledel has previously proven she's a fan of the Obamas in the White House: Back in 2012, Bledel supported Barack Obama’s run for a second term at president, and even spoke out in New Mexico in support of his campaign. Not only that, but when her character Rory graduated from university on Gilmore Girls, the young Yale alum immediately secured a job following President Obama on the campaign trail during his first run for office.

Like I said, tons of reasons for Bledel to be hangin' with the FLOTUS.

Of course, being that I'm a Gilmore Girls fanatic and the revival is just around the corner, what I’m not-so-secretly hoping for is that this visit had more to do with Rory than any political aspirations Bledel may have. This is only exacerbated by the number of Gilmore Girls-inspired hints that are present throughout the photos and videos of Bledel that the First Lady posted on Snapchat. (You can watch them all on the FLOTUS' Snapchat now, by the way!)

So, why was Rory (as Michelle Obama referred to her on Snapchat — not Bledel, Rory!) in the White House? There are plenty of reasons why she could have stopped by to visit, and, lucky for all of us, every single one of them will make your Gilmore Girls-loving heart so unbelievably happy.

1. Maybe She Was Sharing The Gilmore Girls Revival Premiere Date With The First Lady

It’s the only thing more guarded than the nuclear codes.

2. She Could Have Been Filming A Scene For The Gilmore Girls Revival

Rory for President! Sure, filming is said to have wrapped on the revival, and a rep for Netflix did say, according to TVLine, "Michelle Obama is not in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. It was just something fun Alexis did to support the launch of Michelle’s Snapchat channel and her Let Girls Learn initiative," but who knows. Let me have my dreams.

3. Maybe She Was Returning To Her Campaign Roots

Remember, when Gilmore Girls ended, Rory was heading off to follow President Obama on the campaign trial during his first run for POTUS. This visit could be a nice little homage to her fictional position on the series.

4. Arranging A Play Date Between Bo And Paul Anka?

Something tells me they would get along swimmingly.

5. Maybe Sharing A Wholesome Gilmore Breakfast

Is that a… box of Poptarts in the First Lady’s hands? Upon closer examination, I have determined that it is, and that's important because the Gilmore girls love their Poptarts. There is meaning here, I guarantee it.

6. Perhaps They Were Having A Coffee Date

Seriously, is there anyone other duo you would rather have coffee with than these two? Throw Lorelai in the mix, and I would die a happy woman.

7. Maybe Bledel Was Sharing The Final Four Words Of The Series

See that piece of paper in Bledel’s hands? That totally looks like script paper to me. Hear me out: What if she was sharing top secret series information with the First Lady? Honestly, I can’t think of a better hostess gift, after all... especially if Obama invited her to the White House in the first place.

No matter what the reason was for the visit, I was thrilled to see these two powerful women together in one place. More than anything else, it means sightings of Bledel out and about in the real world, and that I will definitely always take.

Image: Netflix; Giphy (6)