'The Shallows' Soundtrack Is Perfect For The Film

How scary does this sound: You're surfing at a secluded beach when you have an accident, badly injure your leg, and become stranded on a rock far from the shore. Oh, and the whole time you're being circled by a great white shark. Sounds like just about the most terrifying thing ever, right? Well, that's the plot to the new thriller The Shallows, which stars Blake Lively as the surfer turned survivalist. And since a movie this horrifying needs some great music to get viewers' blood pumping, fans are wondering what's on The Shallows ' soundtrack.

Unfortunately, the film doesn't have an official soundtrack; at least not yet. The movie is scored by Marco Beltrami, who has a ton of experience in crafting music for horror and thriller films. He's worked on Halloween: H20, The Faculty, Mimic, Joy Ride, Red Eye, The Omen, The Woman in Black, No Escape, and all four Scream movies; among others. So obviously, this guy knows how to craft the music of a film to set an uneasy tone and control the audience's emotions. But what about popular songs? No worries there, as the movie uses a few of those, too. Check out these three songs that are all featured in the film, along with a fourth whose instrumental version shows up in the trailer.

"Birds Set Free" — Sia

The closest thing to the film's soundtrack and the lead single off of the wig-loving singer's newest album, this track plays over the film's end credits.

"El Lado Más Bestia De La Vida (Walk On The Wild Side)" — Albert Pla

The Lou Reed classic is given an acoustic Spanish version here, which is absurdly chill.

"Trouble" — Neon Jungle

What's the first thing you would do after surviving a shark attack? Dance, obviously!

"Relax My Beloved" — Alex Clare

An instrumental version of this ballad shows up in the film's unique teaser trailer, as it provides the background music to an old school motivational speaker.

The music from The Shallows is pretty diverse, and after listening to all of it you'll feel as if you've been on an emotional journey — just like Blake Lively in the movie!

Images: Columbia Pictures