Could Ezria Get Back Together In 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7? This Clip Bodes Well For Fans — VIDEO

Now that we're approaching the "end of Pretty Little Liars as we know it," (as Lucy Hale referred to it in EW, anyway), it's time to start weighing in on the odds of fan favorite couples getting together. Right now, the fate of Haleb hangs in the balance (as does Hanna's life, now that she's been found by Mary Drake) as does Emily's relationship with Alison, who is not only married, but in a mental institution under the care of her diabolical hubby Dr. Rollins. While both Haleb and Emison's relationships were rife with drama, even they pale in comparison to the one between Aria and Ezra. To say that Ezria was a controversial pairing would be an understatement — they began their romance when they were teacher and student, and the ick factor was pretty high for viewers. But now that Ezra and Aria's age means so little, could Ezria get back together in Season 7? A new scene from "Bedlam" hints that Ezra and Aria's romance will live on.

In the new clip from the second episode of Season 7, Ezra and Aria's actual boyfriend, Liam, are discussing the book that the former couple wrote together. Specifically, Liam is arguing with Ezra about the relationship depicted in the pages — the one that's supposed to be based on Ezra and Aria. Liam argues that the relationship comes off as "predatory," but Ezra defends it, saying that they're "not that far apart in age." Though I tend to agree with Liam here, Ezra's defense of their relationship definitely bodes well for Ezria fans, and likely Aria as well. No matter what fans think of Aria and Ezra's relationship, Aria sees it as her great romance — and, clearly, Ezra does, too.

It's not just this scene that makes signs point to Aria and Ezra reignited their romance. The Season 7 opener paired Aria and Ezra together after their steamy hookup session in the Season 6 finale, and though Aria did bolt to think things over, she eventually returned to Ezra's place for comfort. No matter what you think of Ezria — and Liam certainly has a low opinion of the pairing — Ezra has definitely been Aria's rock in the five years flashforward, and it might be the show setting them up for a real romantic reunion.

Liam won't be happy about Aria running back to her ex, but Ezria shippers certainly will.

Image: Television Promos/YouTube