You'll Love How Liz Warren Celebrated Her Birthday

I would imagine that even members of Congress don't expect to spend their birthday sitting on the ground with a bunch of other politicians for hours at a time. But when the House Democrats decided to hold a sit-in to protest for a vote on gun control reform, Sen. Elizabeth Warren gave up whatever birthday plans she had to join her comrades in an incredible showing of cross-house solidarity. But Warren isn't one to do things with minimal effort. In fact, to celebrate (and to keep the representatives & senators who joined in good spirits), Warren brought what every good birthday celebration needs — dessert.

Dunkin' Donuts, to be specific, because the Massachusetts senator reps her state no matter what the situation. And the sit-in was right up Warren's alley. She's long been fighting for gun control and pushing for progressive reform, and the minute representatives began demonstrating just to get a vote (like members of the Senate — including Warren — did just last week during Sen. Chris Murphy's 15-hour filibuster), she had to join in.

And thank goodness she did. Not only did Warren celebrate her birthday on the floor of the House of Representatives, but she also did so for a reason she passionately cares for (with sweets, to boot).

Everyone might be chanting "No bill, no break!" but on her birthday, Warren knows how to make even a sit-in a celebration.