Liam Neeson's 'Non-Stop' Has a 9/11 Plot Twist but Audiences Probably Won't Mind

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Liam Neeson's latest broken-tough-guy-saves-the-day film Non-Stop comes out Friday and for all of its similarities to his previous thrillers, it contains one unique element—the whole film takes place on an airplane. And while that characteristic may differentiate Non-Stop from other action films, it places it into a different, more controversial category: films related to 9/11.

Since 2001, many films have either directly addressed the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center or featured themes and events that relate to the events in some way or another. In Non-Stop the attacks are first thought to be a hijacking, but later in the film there is a much clearer connection to 9/11.

And 12 years since the attack that took the lives of thousands of people, the question still remains: will it ever be okay for movies to deal with 9/11? We'll have to wait and see what audiences think of Non-Stop and its handling of post-9/11 themes, but for now we can look back at films that have already dealt with it and attempt to understand how audiences and critics feel about its portrayal in films.

Image: Universal Pictures

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