This 'BB18' Twist Is Shocking

Not even an hour into Wednesday's 2-hour premiere of Big Brother 18, some shocking twists were announced: Not only were four houseguests from seasons past (James and Da'Vonne from Season 17, Nicole from Season 16, and Frank from Season 14) revealed to be "stowaways" in the house but host Julie Chen also informed the contestants that, for the first time in the show's history, they would be competing in teams of four — teams that they choose themselves. But, how do the teams work on Big Brother 18 ? That's a question that many of the houseguests themselves had.

It's pretty simple, really: in this teams twist, the houseguests are allowed to choose their own teammates, but the team "lead" — that is, the first person on the team — can only choose someone of the opposite sex to be on their team. Meaning, James could only choose a female to be on his team because he's a guy, and Da'Vonne can only choose a male to be on her team because she's a girl. Like I said: Simple enough.

We first saw the teams twist come into play during the first challenge of the episode, which was a rocket-themed endurance challenge — each team of four had to keep their balance holding on to a giant rocket while a series of obstacles (simulated rain, for instance) went on around them. Unfortunately, Da'Vonne's team (consisting of Paul, Zakiyah and Jozea) ended up in last place as the have-nots, while Victor's team (consisting of Bronte, Natalie, and James) won.

It was an interesting challenge to have in place, especially considering the already-increasing tensions between houseguests — and this challenge just proved it.

Image: Bill Inoshita/CBS