We'll Still Need 'Veep' After The Election

In this day and age, with this crazy election cycle sucking up all of the newstime air, it seems like we need Veep more than ever. It provides some much needed political catharsis. So it seems like a cruel twist of fate that the show is airing its fifth-season finale on HBO on June 26. How are we going to get through the summer political cycle without it? More importantly, when will Veep return for Season 6? UPDATE: A press release from HBO reports that Veep Season 6 will premiere Apr. 16.

Earlier: HBO never announces these things too far in advance, but Season 6 has definitely been confirmed by the network, as reported by Deadline. Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones are set for renewal, too, so your Sunday-night lineup remains in tact. And, though an official premiere date has not been set, it's a good bet that the show will return in April 2017. All five seasons that have aired so far have debuted their premieres in April. By then, unless something wacky happens like an electoral-vote tie followed by a congressional tie followed by more shenanigans, we'll have a new president — will I still need Veep? Yes, because the show makes me laugh. With the lack of an election season to keep me going, here's what I'd most like to see in Veep Season 6.

Congressman Jonah Ryan

Dan and Amy created a monster. It's time to unleash that monster onto the unsuspecting public of New Hampshire.

Mike's "Triplets"

He's not the best head of communications, but I think Mike is goofy enough to be a great dad. I mean, doesn't his facial hair just scream "dad mustache"?

Catherine and Marjorie

Can there be a sequel to Kissing Your Sister?

Amy & Dan

They're definitely going to get together, right? The question is whether or not they'll kill each other afterward.

Kent's Biker Gang

As much as I'd like to see this dropped and just be a weird aside in Catherine's documentary, I could watch a whole episode that's just him and the gang.

The Answer To The Mystery Of Sue's Age

It may have nothing to do with politics, but I'm just so curious. Hopefully Veep can finally answer its biggest question in Season 6.

Images: Lacey Terrell/courtesy of HBO; Giphy (6)