Lindsay Lohan Is Doing So Much Better These Days

by Nicole Pomarico

If you're like me and miss the golden age of Lindsay Lohan — the Mean Girls era, duh — I have some good news for you: It looks like that time might be coming back. Need proof? Her most recent red carpet outing might do it for you. On Wednesday night, Lohan and Egor Tarabasov made their first public appearance together, and she seriously looks awesome. Maybe it's her flowy pink dress or the fact that she's with someone who makes her happy, but I think it might officially be safe to stop worrying about Lohan's wellbeing, especially after seeing these photos of the two of them together.

Lohan and Tarabasov made their debut at the Caudwell Children's Butterfly Ball in London, a benefit to help disabled children and their families. Although Tarabasov won't be a stranger to you if you follow Lohan on Instagram, it's a big deal that they've finally decided to go public instead of just keeping their relationship to social media. And most importantly, Lohan looked adorable and happy... and even managed to squeeze in a Mean Girls quote in the caption of the photo she shared from their night out. I don't care if it came out more than a decade ago; I will never tire of references to it — especially ones made by the movie's star.

She looks pretty good, right? And this isn't the first sign that the former Parent Trap star has been doing much better these days. Here's all the recent evidence that Lohan is doing better than ever.

She's Been Communicating With Fans

In fact, earlier this week, Lohan watched Mean Girls while live chatting with fans about the movie. Isn't that the cutest?! What did I tell you? This movie never gets old, especially while Lohan is still willing to offer up her commentary on it.

Her Happy Instagram Posts

If you follow Lohan, you've probably already noticed that she's smiling, like, all the time. OK, I know that people only share the photos they choose to, so why would she want to take selfies when things are going wrong? But everything on her Insta points to a happy, healthy person (and life). Not only is she always grinning, but she also seems to be optimistic about where her life is heading. Isn't that half the battle? And her photos with Tarabasov are ridiculously adorable. They may have been together for less than a year, but they're so perfect together.

She's Been Out Having Adventures

Also according to her Instagram, Lohan is having a lot of fun lately. Not only is she hanging out with Kourtney Kardashian — something I will forever envy her for — but she's also been taking part in all kinds of activities: Boating, having dinner with friends, traveling, playing with dogs... everything indicates that she's created a good life for herself that she enjoys.

She Has A Movie In The Pipeline

Yep, Lohan is working again! Her most recent indie movie, The Shadow Within, wrapped earlier this year, and maybe if that's a success, we'll see more from her soon? I hope so!