There's Been A Shooting In Germany

Update: As of Thursday morning, Reuters and the Associated Press are reporting that the gunman who opened fire in a Viernheim cinema complex has been killed by authorities, but that there were no serious injuries caused by the gunman.

Earlier: On Thursday morning Eastern Time, German newspaper Bild reported a shooting in a cinema complex near Frankfurt, Germany, in Viernheim. According to a tweet from Mic, several people are reported injured, although it's unclear how many casualties there are. Bild mentions that a possible hostage situation has also taken place, and Sky News reports that an armed man has barricaded himself in. Update: There are reports from local German media that the gunman has been shot dead by authorities, according to Reuters.

One local newspaper, Darmstadter Echo, reports that there are between 20 and 50 people injured. This number has not been confirmed. Variety is reporting that "up to 25" people have been injured.

The Associated Press reports that there is a "threat situation," and that there are unconfirmed reports of a single shot being fired.