How To Change Your Facebook Profile Photo To Support The Sit-In

If you've been following the coverage of Democrats' sit-in for gun control, you might be feeling frustrated that there's no obvious way to help and show your support. Maybe you're wondering how to change your FB profile photo to support the sit-in but can't find an official meme or can't find the right words. But rather than waiting around for the rest of the internet to choose something, create your own graphic and find the courage to put your voice out there —it's needed now more than ever.

By showing your support, you're encouraging others to show their's too. And what these democratic representatives need is for us to rally and continue to lift them up while they participate in one of the bravest political stances we've seen in our lives. In the wake of the Orlando shootings, the pressure to increase gun control is stronger than ever. The House needs to feel the pressure from not only their congressional representatives but the communities that back them. There have been so many instances that have led us to believe that stricter gun control was on the horizon, only to watch the bills sit and the momentum to fizzle. This might be our chance to break the disappointing pattern and push a bill through, finally.

So, if you want to show your support, try changing your profile picture to one of these images — here's how:

Click On Your Profile Photo

A prompt giving you the option to "Update Profile Picture" will pop up, click that.

Upload A Photo

Click on "Upload Photo" when prompted.

Choose A Picture

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Pick an image or a meme:


And select it as your profile picture.


Set To Temporary

On the bottom left of your screen, click "Make Temporary" and set a time you'd like FB to switch your profile picture back to your original one.

Images: Courtesy of Kaitlyn Wylde