SMG's Reddit AMA Was A 'Buffy' Love Fest

You can take the girl out of Sunnydale, but you can't take the Sunnydale out of the girl. It's no secret that the star who brought Buffy Summers to life still loves her (just check her Twitter), but Sarah Michelle Gellar's Reddit AMA was the ultimate Buffy love fest. And we couldn't be happier about it. The Crazy Ones star said some super-inspiring things about her kick-ass vampire slayer and finally answered the age old debate — Spike or Angel?

Gellar's AMA went live on Thursday afternoon and we're not surprised that most of her questions were about her time as The Chosen One, Buffy Summers (NOT to be confused with Harry Potter). On Feb. 13, The Crazy Ones actress posted a photo of herself with former Buffy costars Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green on the set of her show on her Twitter — naturally prompting a Buffy-Crazy Ones reunion frenzy.

Gellar's responses were nothing short of epic, if not a tiniest bit awkward for David Boreanaz wife. (By the way, guys, he's the best kisser.) And so, grab your stakes and colored-leather jackets — here's the seven best Buffy-related responses from Sarah Michelle Gellar's Reddit AMA:

Question: What Memorabilia Does SMG Have From The Show

Aside from her wardrobe? I think my favorite is that my makeup artist had made a special stake for me with a little bottle of holy water, and to this day I keep it by my bed.

I'm sorry, what? That might actually be the coolest/craziest thing we've ever heard. Maybe Buffy Summers is actually a real person and SMG is her character? Imagine.

Question: What Is Buffy's Greatest Contribution To Television

I think for me the greatest message of Buffy was all about female empowerment, and not just female, but empowerment in general. High school is the scariest part of people's lives, and I loved that we used the monsters of Buffy as a metaphor for the monsters of life. And to not judge a book by its cover. That we are all capable of taking care of ourselves.

Preach, SMG. Powerful females for the win.

Question: What Does Buffy Mean To SMG

You know the same way the audience grew up with her? I grew up with her too. She'll always be a part of me.

Ugh, sigh, our aching hearts.

Question: Would SMG Take A Marvel Superhero Role If Joss Whedon Offered

He already gave me the best superbero I could ever ask for.

We're going to assume she meant "superhero" OR some type of hybrid version of "superb hero". Either way, this response is adorably sweet.

Question: Would SMG Ever Do Something New With The Buffy Franchise

I feel like I still do? I don't think you ever leave that franchise.

Once a Slayer, always a Slayer. UNTIL SHE DIES.

Question: Can SMG Sum Up Her Buffy Experience In 5 Words Or Less

Not A Chance In BLANK — It was 8 incredible years of making incredible television. It would take 5 HOURS to do it justice.

Again, so damn adorable.

Question: Spike Or Angel



Read the full Reddit thread here. And LONG LIVE BUFFY SUMMERS.