How To Use Snapchat's "Best Friend" Feature

If you are a Snapchat aficionado or just someone who likes to know the ins and outs of your social media applications, Snapchat's best friends feature is going to put a smile on your face. It's a simple concept that allows you to contact the people you want faster, and at the same time, optimizes your snap view count. If you didn't know you had this feature, or didn't pay enough attention when sending your snaps, this will come as a welcome surprise!

Here's the DL: The next time you send a snap, pay attention to your contact list. You'll see categories like "stories," "best friends," and "recent." They are constantly changing and morphing to keep up with your needs. The more pictures your send out and receive, the more accurate the lists become. They will start to predict who are you talking with more and let their names appear higher on your contact list. No more scrolling through 500 names, or trying to remember someone's username.

So what is the best friends feature, and what is the difference between that and your recent contacts? The recent category is just a place for all the people who you recently exchanged photos with. The best friends feature takes this one step further. This is a list that needs contact tending — like a true friendship.

Depending on your status, you will see a emoji pop up next to your friend's name. If you keep getting snaps from your friend but do not return them in the same volumes, you'll see a side-eye emoji. A fire emoji means you guys are sending each other a lot of pics back and forth. A yellow heart means you send each other the most pics out of your entire friend's list. There are a few more emoji indicators that all depend on your usage. Together, they paint a picture of your social media relationship with your friends. Knowing where you stand can help you modify your behavior and help you even out the balance.

In case you do not know how to change the emoji status with your friends, just start sending Snapchats left and right. Soon you will be able to the fruits of your labor.

Just make sure to use all the filters and you'll be fine! Soon you'll be the ruler of Snapchat.

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