The One Piece Of 'HP' Jewelry You Need, Stat

The truth is, you're never not going to be in despair over your Hogwarts acceptance letter getting lost in the mail. The only real solace I can think of to ease this everlasting blow is to buy yourself the next best thing — a Hogwarts acceptance letter charm necklace. It won't cure 10 plus years of existential despair, sure, but at least now you and your Muggle FOMO will look SUPER cute. The charm itself is a bronze metal envelope, and you can open it to reveal and itty bitty baby-sized Hogwarts letter. (No wonder it got lost all those years ago, RIGHT?)

And hey, if you're a Potterhead on a budget, the charm itself only costs five dollars since it hails from (In case you aren't familiar, everything on the site is five dollars. In the words of Shia, just do it.) It costs a bit extra for the chain and if you want to add an owl pendant suspended slightly above the letter, but just think about all the money you saved not buying cauldrons and spell books and robes and toad food and really, it all evens out in the end. Here's what the cuteness looks like in charm form:

SO TEENSY-WEENSY!! Just like that last shred of hope in your fully grown adult heart that there is a secret magic school that accepts people when they turn 25! Or that you'll ever be able to afford Cursed Child tickets without selling your kidneys!! PRECIOUS. Take an in depth peek at it here.

And if you're still #FeelingYourself like the majestic No-Maj that you are, here are some other adorable Harry Potter themed trinkets to adorn yourself with.

HP Glasses Ring

Please check one: Single, Taken, or Actually Secretly Harry Potter.

Etsy, $14.55.

Deathly Hallows Earrings

If your earlobes can handle the responsibility of these three infamous artifacts, that is.

Etsy , $9.55.

Harry Potter Spell Bracelets

Just don't wear them to your O.W.L.S — pretty sure that's grounds for cheating, y'all.

Etsy, $26.99.