Meet The Woman Behind Harry's Hair

The Internet had a full-blown panic attack the day that Harry Styles finally cut his hair, and whether you were happy or sad about that occurrence, I can guarantee you probably had some serious questions. Like, why did he cut it? Is this a move towards a solo career? And who cuts Harry Styles' hair? Allow me to put your wondering mind at ease.

So we already know why he cut, for his upcoming role in the WW2 film, Dunkirk, so let's move on to who cut it. Obviously, if you're a Harry Styles fan, you know by now that he's an extremely private person and giving us the deets on the who, what, when, where, and why would be just too good to be true (I mean, we haven't even gotten a legit reveal of his short hair yet), but we can do the next best thing and investigate ourselves.

Despite keeping his private life under wraps, it was pretty widely known during his time in One Direction that Lou Teasdale, a hairstylist from London, was the band's stylist. She started as a hairstylist on the X Factor, where she met the boys, and the rest is history. Teasdale toured with them, traveling all over the world to cut and style their hair, and even became really close friends with Styles. Lucky girl.

So what does this mean now that 1D is on a hiatus? Is Teasdale responsible for Styles's short hair? We can't be certain, but it's likely. She's done his hair for years, and when you're making a huge change like that, you obviously want to go to someone you trust. Another clue? The last time the two were spotted together was in December:

Which is relatively recent, so I doubt he's cheating on her with another stylist. But given that Styles rarely cuts his hair, you're probably wondering what she does with the rest of her time. She's currently a beauty columnist for Elle UK:

She has her own beauty YouTube channel:

And she does other celebs hair/makeup, too.

Wonder if they talked about Harry...?