Sunday Will Have A New 'Big Brother' Competition

The first eviction night on Big Brother is coming up on Sunday, and Julie Chen has teased a "brand new competition" is coming. After winning a competition and being named HOH, Nicole put newbies Jozea and Paulie up for eviction, with the hope that Paulie will get to stick around while Jozea is sent packing, or that Paulie will win a Veto competition and get to save himself. The thing is, nothing in Big Brother is predictable, and who knows what the new twist will be and how it could effect evictions on BB18. So, what is the new Big Brother 18 competition on Sunday? Well, we don't know, but let's breakdown some possibilities.

Could BB18 be another Battle of the Block season? Last year, BB17, was a Battle of the Block season, during which two HOHs were crowned each week, with each one nominating two other houseguests for eviction. The nominees would then face off against one another, with the winning team being taken off the block and their HOH dethroned. It's unlikely that BB18 will bring back the Battle of the Block so soon in the season, especially with returning BB17 contestants Da'Vonne and James in the house again. What fun is a twist if two other people have already competed with it?

Whatever the mystery competition is, it could spell trouble for HOH Nicole and her pawn, Paulie. What if there is no Veto competition and Paulie loses a vote because of his ties to the returners? Or, maybe the twist competition will be better suited to Jozea's talents and he'll escape eviction — who knows? I'm guessing the new competition has something to do with the Big Brother team twist, but it really could be anything at this point.

Whatever it is, it will likely throw every houseguest for a loop and (hopefully) throw a wrench in Nicole's game-plan. After all, what fun would it be if everything worked out perfectly as planned?

Images: Monty Brinton/CBS