This Is How Kylie Wears The Blue Freedom Lip Kit

Today is the day! Both of Kylie Jenner's blue Lip Kits go on sale. There is the navy x denim-look Freedom Lip Kit and the baby blue Skylie Lip Kit. Both Freedom and Skylie are limited edition. I admit that while I admire these beautiful blues, I don't think I could personally pull them off. I am not a fan of dark or crazy bold lips, but I certainly co-sign anyone who can and does rock adventurous or outrageous pouts. However, when I saw Jenner wearing Freedom, painting her voluptuous pout with this rich, deep blue shade, I thought, "Maybe, just maybe, I could do this lip look, too!" Jenner paired Freedom with major lashes, a nude shadow, blush, and plenty of bronzer. She left her eyes somewhat low-key, save for the curled fringe.

The pic of Jenner slaying Freedom lives on the Kylie Cosmetics official Instagram. It's still a lot of look, since her face is so heavily bronzed. Still, she owns it, thanks to her confidence, which is what her fans should take away from this pic.

My suggestion is to wear Freedom with a minimum of other products. You can do the opposite of Jenner and keep your face and eyes bare and still wear this lippie.

Observe the majorly dramatic, Kylie Jenner-approved way of wearing the Freedom Lip Kit.

Doesn't it look amazing on her? If there was ever a statement lip, this is it. Again, you can pair it with a light dusting of bronzer or you can go full on with a full face, as Jenner did. It's totally up to you and your comfort zone.

Or it is perfectly acceptable to let Freedom be your lazy girl "go to." That is, whip it out and swipe a coat or two on your lips and do nothing else to the rest of your face. You'll still be totally glam without having to do a lot of work or to apply a lot of stuff.

The same can be said for the softer but equally "wowza!" Skylie. If you wear it solo, it won't compete with other features.

Good luck shopping Freedom and Skylie today, lip lovers.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (4)