6 Struggles Of Being A Bookworm On Vacation

by Amy Sachs

In theory, summer reading is great. Plenty of vacation time and summer hours to spend catching up on your giant list of books that you've been dying to read. Easy, right? Beach day? Throw a book in your bag and you're on your way. A day off? Ditto. But, if it's more than a day off? Look out, that's where things get tricky.

It seems like the easiest (and best) hobby around, being a reader. But when it comes time to pack for vacation, you know things are about to get real. Packing is hard enough, but when it comes to trying to pack books? Forget it. You have to decide how many, which genres, and where to, you know, actually fit your mini library with all your other essentials. And books are definitely essentials!

Packing is just one of the struggles that book-lovers are faced with in the summer. You never knew reading was such an intense thing, right? Summer is relaxing; it's the season for reading! But as all readers know, that reading season comes at a price! Here are six problem every bookworm faces when they go on a summer vacation:

1. Packing

Picking which books you want to read ahead of time is hard because you never know what you'll be in the mood for at the time! You have to make sure everything fits, make sure there's enough variety, and be sure you won't run out! You need a vacation from packing by the end of it.

2. The Weirdest Tan Lines Ever

When you're laying out in the sun and get too caught up in the book you're reading to flip over, or reapply sunscreen, bad things happen, and you end up with tan lines that can rival only those of Ross Geller.

3. Water-Stained Books Are Impossible To Avoid

Laying on the beach, reading by the pool, there is literally no way to avoid crispy pages at the end of a great summer day reading outside, and your books pay the price.

4. E-Reading Is Way Harder In The Summer

The glare, the risk of dropping it in the water! It's hard to be a fan of ebooks in the summer!

5. Missing Out On Vacation Activities... For A Book

You just had to finish that one chapter... and then the next... and the rest of the book.

6. Sunburn You Can Only Blame On A Book

Every now and then, you lay out in the sun, ready to enjoy everything the beach/pool/great outdoors has to offer, and end up looking like nothing less than a tomato.

Image: Cora Foxx/Bustle; Giphy (6)